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Doing The Right Thing Is Second Nature

Dear Pamela,

I asked the valet parking attendants at Castle Medical Center where I could get tennis balls to put on my walker. A woman sitting on a bench nearby stood up and said, “I play tennis and have plenty of balls at home, and I will go get them right now.” She walked across the highway to her home and returned with six balls. Together with the hospital chaplain, the valets cut open the balls and attached them to my walker. I neglected to get their names, and I wish to thank them for their kindness.

Tutu Andrade

Aloha Pamela,

After shopping at Windward Mall, we saw that our car had a flat tire. A kind gentleman named Doug noticed that my husband was having a hard time changing the tire. He turned around his car and stopped to help us. We appreciated his help and would like to thank him for his kind gesture. It’s good to know that there are still people like Doug out there who are willing to help older people. Also, we would like to thank his passengers, who sat in the car and waited patiently while he helped us.

Kathy W.

Dear Pamela,

Last week I mailed a few parcels at the Hawaii Kai station, using the self-help kiosk. After depositing the parcels I left, forgetting that I had left three letters on the kiosk, one requiring extra postage. I turned around, only to find that my letters were gone. Some elf apparently found my letters, provided the necessary postage and sent off my letters. Thank you for your thoughtful generosity.

Phil Chang
Hawaii Kai

Dear Pamela,

I was in an auto accident on Waimano Home Road. A young couple in a red pickup stopped to help me. They called 911 and stayed until the whole ordeal was finished. Sorry to say I didn’t get their names. Mahalo to these caring, wonderful people. I am thankful I was not hurt and the lady and child in the other car were not hurt.

Clarice Kagawa
Pearl City

Dear Clarice, Phil, Kathy and Tutu,

We tend to be surprised when people “do the right thing,” yet most of us do not hesitate to lend a hand when necessary. I’d like to think that being honest and helpful is second nature to us all. There is goodness that naturally comes to the surface.

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