Riding TheBus, And Wings Of Angels

Aloha Pamela,

A very heartfelt mahalo to the amazing young lady who apparently recognized that our elderly father needed help after he boarded a bus at Ala Moana Center.

She accompanied him all the way to Aiea Heights Drive, the bus stop closest to his home.

We wish to thank her for her compassion and extraordinary efforts. We feel it was nothing short of a miracle that he made his way back to Aiea. The trip involved transferring buses. We know that our father definitely would not know how to do this on his own.

Needless to say, we feel extremely blessed, and wish to thank you again. Our entire family will always remember and be so grateful to you, our guardian angel. May you and your family be blessed many times over for the kindness and patience you showed.

Earl’s family
Lila Koide

Dear Pamela,

I was shopping at Ala Moana with my 2-year-old daughter and my son, just 9 months old.

As the shopping center began to close, I began gathering all my purchases and headed to the bus stop, not realizing how hard a time I was going to have with two kids, groceries (including a turkey!), baby bag and my daughter’s umbrella stroller.

Balancing my son on my chest carrier, the bags in one hand and my daughter on the other, we got on the bus, which was very crowded.

I couldn’t wait for the next bus, so I tried to push my way through. Suddenly, a tall man came through the crowd and led me to a chair.

He was an angel. I hope life has been treating him good, because my children and I know he deserves it!

Darylei Menchiola

Dear Pamela Young,

I want to tell you about one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me.

I was rushing to get the No. 65 bus in Kaneohe on my way home to Waikiki from work.

As I got to the corner I could see the bus coming, but I had two streets to cross to get to the bus stop, plus I was carrying a bag with four pounds of sugar, three pounds of onions and three cans of fruit in it. It was heavy. I also had my attaché case.

Anyway, I still tried to run and catch up to the bus, but this 73-year-old just couldn’t make it. I was so exasperated.

All of a sudden, this young couple in a car drove up and said they would drive me to catch up with the bus. They had been waiting for the light and saw that I missed my bus.

This lovely couple, Bryce and Jessica, drove me four or five bus stops to catch the bus and I was on my way home. Can you imagine somebody going to that trouble? Bryce said he saw how upset I was and wanted to help. I just couldn’t believe it.

Can’t believe I got in the car with them to begin with, but they were such nice, clean-cut-looking young people, I just did. Only in Hawaii.

Barbara Porter

Dear Barbara, Darylei and Earl’s family,

Your bus angels understand that on public transportation, everyone becomes a neighbor.

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