Returning A Wallet With $6,000

Dear Pamela,

Our family needs to express our pride in Ward Hustace, my son, for doing an honorable act of aloha. He was driving out of the bank parking lot in Kailua when a Japanese tourist couple crossed in front of his car. The man dropped his wallet and kept walking. Ward stopped and retrieved the wallet while the car behind him kept honking for him to move.

He opened the wallet to check for an ID and found multiple credit cards and $6,000 in cash. He hurriedly traced the route of the couple, found them and returned the wallet. His reward was a clear conscience.

The couple bowed to him and said thank you. We are so proud of his good judgment and integrity.

Jacqueline Hustace

Dear Jacqueline,

Ward says he’s quite embarrassed about all the attention. “It was the right thing to do. I had to do it. I was a meat wrapper at Don Quijote until I hurt my back a year ago. I’ve been going to physical therapy ever since. I know the value of hard-earned money.”

Dear Pamela,

I had a flat tire on my way to town from Mililani. Soon after my call to AAA, the Okabe brothers, Joe and David, stopped to help us. They had the spare tire on in no time. They refused a small token of appreciation. Our heartfelt thanks to them. Mahalo also to Ross Yamanaka, who arrived in time to help finish the job. There are such good people in this world after all. May their parents be proud of them all.

Florence Matsuda

Dear Florence,

Changing a tire is second nature to the Okabe brothers, who own and operate the Pearl City Auto Center. “Florence reminded me of my mom. We would have done this for anybody. It’s no big deal for us, but a lot of people need help out there,” says Joe Okabe.

Aloha Pamela,

I am a diabetic who suffers from frequent low blood sugar levels. Yesterday, I was with my mother and my diabetic alert dog, Awesome. We were in Ross at Windward City Shopping Center. While shopping, my mother and I went our separate ways to browse. During this time, Awesome started to notify me of a low sugar level. He gets very agitated when my sugar is about to drop. My mother wasn’t nearby and he started barking. Two beautiful ladies came over to offer me assistance. One offered me a granola bar. They both said that they would stay with me until my mother came. In my confusion I didn’t ask the two ladies’ names. I just want to say thank you to both of them. If it weren’t for wonderful people like these two ladies, I would have probably ended up in the hospital.

Denise Seo

Dear Denise,

We can see why your dog is named Awesome! Fortunately your angels knew the signs of hypoglycemia. “The quickest way to raise blood glucose and treat hypoglycemia is with some form of sugar,” says Leslie Lam of the American Diabetes Association.