Restaurant ‘angel’ made their day, despite that darn Claw machine

Dear Editor,

Please send a special mahalo to an angel …

At about 6 p.m. July 23, Grandma Robyn and I went to Denny’s Restaurant in Kaneohe for dinner. After playing two rounds at the Claw machine without any luck, I enjoyed having my dinner.

Our tab came folded up with cash in it, and the waitress (Raquel) explained “It’s been paid for.” The person who paid for it did not want to be seen, but left a note on the back of the tab: “Hope you enjoyed your dinner. Sincerely, a fellow mom. This $1 is because your little girl was so polite, she should have another go on the machine.”

Although I did try the machine again with my lucky $1, I did not win, but will find a special birthday (which is soon) present with the rest of the cash and will always cherish and remember my special angel with lots of gratitude and appreciation on this day.

We read of all the kindness that goes around, but never thought it would happen to us, and we will be sure to pass on the generosity.

We thank you from our hearts and wish you the best of health.

Kiryn Ronne and Grandma Robyn