Reece Nakamoto Farinas

Photo from Reece Nakamoto Farinas

Photo from Reece Nakamoto Farinas

Reece Nakamoto Farinas always knew he would end up at his family’s flower shop, but that day came sooner than expected for Beretania Florist’s sales and marketing director.

Nakamoto Farinas’ drive matches that of his great-grandfather, Shigeichi Nakamoto, whose service and mission resulted in more than 76 years of the family business serving the community.

Once again, the third-generation family-owned Beretania Florist teams up with Hawaii Foodbank to generate canned goods for Hawaii’s hungry while at the same time putting smiles on faces of those in our community.

Good Neighbor Day takes place this Wednesday (Sept. 10) starting at 7 a.m., and Beretania Florist is giving away 7,600 roses (while supplies last) in celebration of its 76th anniversary.

But there is one catch. Those who receive a bouquet of one dozen roses are asked to keep one rose and give the other 11 out to different people they come into contact with throughout the day.

“We’re giving people an opportunity to experience what we experience on a daily basis,” Nakamoto Farinas adds. “Not a lot of people get to experience that because we deliver the flowers, and we get to make people smile.

“But this is an opportunity for people to create a happier and more caring community through our flowers.”

Nakamoto Farinas notes that customers enjoy the reactions they receive when giving someone a rose.

“You get to brighten someone’s day through the single gift of a flower, and people just love it,” he says.

Patrons who pick up their batch of roses are asked to bring in one canned good for Hawaii Foodbank.

Last year, the florist garnered 1,000 pounds of canned goods for the organization and this year hopes to double that number.

Being a good neighbor to the community has been Beretania Florist’s vision since the beginning.

“When my great-grandparents (Shigeichi and Yukie Nakamoto) started the business in 1937, it was a small shop, same location,” says Nakamoto Farinas. “They’ve always had a simple, really humble vision, and that was to provide the community with the absolute best flowers money could buy.”

While preparation for Good Neighbor Day can be stressful, Nakamoto Farinas is quick to note that it’s an amazing event that he’s proud to be part of.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to thank the community for keeping us in business all these years and to give something back,” he says.

Follow or participate in Good Neighbor Day on Instagram using the hashtag #BeretaniaFloristGND.

For more information on Good Neighbor Day, call the florist at 591-2288 or follow them on Instagram (@BeretaniaFlorist).