Inspiring The Gift Of Giving

By Nalani McLaughlin Holliday
Owner of Red Pineapple

Almost every day someone asks me, “Why did you name the store Red Pineapple?” Red is my favorite color, and the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. Through early American history, pineapples were a fruit of privilege and a sweet rarity. I wanted to create a warm, welcoming space to share wonderful treasures and exotic gifts from around the world.


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Mariska Hargitay (left) with Red Pineapple owner Nalani McLaughlin Holliday at last year's Joyful Heart gala. Since opening the store, Holliday has raised and donated money to the organization | Photos from Red Pineapple

I only fill the store with things I love and want for myself. It never feels like I am selling things; it feels like friends coming into my home, allowing me to guide them on a journey of goodies that I have collected from traveling the world.

We recently grew and are now one door down from our original location, in a space full of light and three times the original size. We have been blessed with eight years of customers falling in love with gift-giving!

When I started the store I had no idea how much Hawaii needed a place like this: a neighborhood boutique focused on customer service.

I have felt so privileged to help customers give from the heart. Sometimes, people are afraid they are going to give the wrong thing, but I am here to remind them that a gift from the heart is always the right gift. The store has given me an amazing platform to help others. Since opening, we have given to Joyful Heart Foundation, whose mission is to heal the body, mind and spirit of sexual assault and domestic violence survivors. I have worked with them for a long time, and it is a privilege to give back.

I also have been fortunate to have awesome support, and have been lucky enough to pay it forward by mentoring students from Assets School. It is exciting to share my journey and guide and inspire a future fearless, strong woman.

I am grateful for all our customers who shop small and shop locally – small business is truly the sweet fruit that feeds us all.

I hope you can visit; you are always welcome and our door is always open. Come and make a gift basket with us, or join me for a cup of French tea … and yes, there is a real Red Pineapple – it is exotic and beautiful.