Red Cross: Be Prepared

On May 8, American Red Cross Hawaii chapter volunteers responded to a Halawa apartment fire, and caseworkers are continuing to follow up with anyone affected by the fire.

In light of this event, the Hawaii chapter encourages having a preparedness plan in place that can help with getting your family out of harm’s way.

Being prepared always is a wise choice, and American Red Cross offers free resources for families that wish to plan for emergencies such as fires, floods or earthquakes.

Information on how to develop a family plan can be found online at redcross. org/hawaii. It covers what types of diasters will most likely affect your community, practicing the family disaster plan, crafting an emergency preparedness kit, how to prepare for children, seniors and pets, and more.

An informational brochure can be obtained by calling 734-2101 or by visiting the local Red Cross office at 4155 Diamond Head Road.

Red Cross staff and volunteers encourage all families to create a disaster plan that also includes an evacuation plan, communication plan and a disaster supplies kit.

The American Red Cross is a nonprofit organization that offers free assistance to those affected by disaster. To make a donation, call 739-8109 or visit them online.