Recognizing Oahu’s Outstanding Nurses

By Christa Ingles-Braun, Mana’olana 2012, Oncology Nursing Society

Through the Mana’olana program, the Hawaii (Oahu) chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society seeks to recognize one of the many outstanding nurses in Hawaii -one who demonstrates professionalism, community service and hope in working with persons with cancer. Oncology nurses care for patients and their families in clinics, hospitals and in hospice. They also provide many hours of community service with such programs as Relay for Life, Oncology on Canvas and Camp for Kids with Cancer.

The Mana’olana program began in 1973 in a time when cancer was thought to mean pain, suffering and inevitable death. Hope was very hard to come by. Now cancer is curable and sometimes preventable. Oncology nurses desire to continue to get the word out: HOPE!

Christa Ingles-Braun

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Christa Ingles-Braun

Please help us by nominating the Mana’olana Nurse of Hope for 2013. All registered and licensed practical nurses residing in Hawaii qualify for this award. Nurses who have been nominated in the past are eligible and encouraged to apply again.

Nurses must have at least three years of clinical experience, be currently practicing in oncology nursing, participate in community service and have a commitment to oncology nursing and patient care.

Nurses may apply directly, or may be nominated by former or present patients, families of patients, nursing colleagues, other healthcare professionals, administrators or physicians. Hospitals, clubs and other organizations are encouraged to submit nominations.

Nominations must be made by May 31.

The Mana’olana receives financial assistance from the Hawaii (Oahu) Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society to attend a national conference on the Mainland. It also is hoped that the Mana’olana will share the knowledge they acquire at the conference with others in the nursing community.

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