Raynette Walker Wins A $250 Spree At Safeway

Congratulations, Raynette Walker for being this week's mystery shopper winner!

On Thursday, Raynette Walker needed to buy some groceries for dinner, so she took a trip to Safeway in Kapolei.

As she made her purchase at 12:30 p.m., MidWeek‘s representative approached Raynette with a simple question. She answered correctly and instantly won a $250 Safeway shopping spree.

“I like shopping at Safeway because it’s pretty much got everything and anything,” said this week’s Mystery Shopper, a security guard. “Also, it’s convenient and the people always assist you.”

Raynette was born and raised in Waimanalo, and graduated from McKinley High School in 1982. In her free time, she takes care of husband Albert – and she likes to read MidWeek.

“I just love the articles, and I like looking at the pictures from the different functions,” she said. “And No. 1 is the sales ads.”