A Quick Workout Can Be Effective

A new-member study recently conducted by 24 Hour Fitness revealed that schedule changes or less time are the top overall reasons they drop their exercise routines in the summer. Well, I — and I’m guessing many others — can relate. My schedule changes daily, and I often feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to do all that I need to, including exercise.


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Alana Ayat, master trainer at 24 Hour Fitness Kapiolani, on the TRX RACHEL BREIT PHOTOS

But no matter how hectic your schedule is, it’s important to keep your body moving. Alana Ayat, master trainer at 24 Hour Fitness Kapiolani, shares how people with limited time can still get a great workout in the gym.

“People need to come in with a plan,” she says. “You can still get cardio, resistance training and some flexibility components in a workout within 30 minutes or less.

“The best way to optimize that time is to do some compound movements — working your upper body, lower body and core all in one movement. It doesn’t require a lot of exercises, maybe two to three, couple of sets each, and that can be done within five to 10 minutes. For a beginner, I have them do something as simple as a lunge with a bicep curl or a squat with a cable row.”

In place of that typical hour cardio on the treadmill, Ayat suggests trying HIITs (high-intensity interval training) instead. For equipment, some of her favorites include the TRX suspension training system, Bosu ball and kettle bells. Also, seek help from a personal trainer. They can customize a workout to your fitness level and lifestyle needs, as well as show you how to use the equipment properly.

So stop making excuses. Any exercise, even for just 10 minutes, is better than sitting on the couch.

“Don’t let time deter you; it’s more so the quality of your workout versus quantity,” says Ayat. “Some people come into the gym for two hours and they’re talking on their phone, stretching for two hours. So I think if you’re organized and you’re motivated, you can make a great workout in 10 minutes. It all adds up. What we’re looking at doing is to create a habit and lifestyle change. It’s the consistency.”