Providing Support For Grieving Families

By Erica Neves, Executive Director, The Joshua Neves Children’s Foundation

We have all come across tragic stories of loss throughout our lives. We may each be able to recall a heartbreaking story that affects us still today. Beyond what we can imagine are families in tremendous pain, dealing with the incomprehensible reality that a child has died. Sorrow impacts thousands of siblings, too – young children dealing with the loss of a brother or sister. Heartache and grief affect us all, and no one should bear that burden alone.

Erica Neves

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Erica Neves

My husband Max and I founded the Joshua Neves Children’s Foundation (JNCF), a 501 (c) (3) charitable nonprofit, in August 2010, a year after losing our son from complications of the flu – he was just 3 years old. Joshua woke up with a fever, was in the hospital that afternoon and died the following day. In a blink, our lives changed forever. Every family who has suffered loss knows that it can happen to anyone, and that your life is never the same again.

JNCF’s mission is to support families who have suffered the loss of a child (newborn to age 24), and to provide parents and surviving children with the assistance they need to navigate through their grief with family counseling and bereavement support, financial aid for memorial services, spiritual guidance and fellowship events.

Leading causes of death for Hawaii’s children and young adults are illness, accidents, self-harm, complications at birth, or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Since its inception, JNCF has served more than 250 people throughout the state.

“Words cannot express our gratitude,” says one grieving family member with whom we have worked.

“In our grief, we appreciate your support,” writes another.

JNCF has resources available so that no one has to bear their grief alone.

Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of local families statewide in need of bereavement support. Please send a donation today to JNCF at P.O. Box 8564, Honolulu, HI 96830.

JNCF is hosting its annual charity golf tournament July 13 at Hawaii Prince Golf Club. We are in need of sponsors and players. For more information, visit or call 292-2304.

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