Providing Perfect Refreshments

CLARENCE TAKAHASHI, president of ITO EN Hawai‘i

ITO EN Hawai‘i is very pleased to see our newest addition, HI-YO Yogurt Drinks, gaining popularity, from our recently launched brand, “Paradise Gold.” Refreshing and fruity, these yogurt drinks are the perfect balance between sweet, tangy and smooth, so good we say, “HI-YO Gonna Luv It!”

Everything from the recipes, ingredient sourcing and elegant matte cans were conceptualized by our Hawai‘i team. Available in three delicious flavors — original, orange and pineapple coconut, HI-YO is now at 7-Eleven

Hawai‘i, ABC Stores, Aloha Island Marts, Don Quijote, H-Mart, Marukai, Mitsuwa, Nijiya Market, Palāma Supermarket and more.

ITO EN Hawai‘i is also home of Aloha Maid fruit drinks and teas, along with Royal Mills canned iced coffees. Many people are surprised to learn these drinks are made right here in our Kalihi factory. Did you know, our products are also developed and tested here, too?

Our new product development, quality assurance and production teams work together to create a diverse line of delicious and naturally flavored soft drinks your whole family will enjoy.

Some of the team members who contributed to the creation of ITO EN Hawai‘i’s HI-YO Yogurt Drinks are (from left) Tim Sheen, Toshiya Kawagishi, Wendy Chuck, Meito Mochizuki and Mike Senn.

ITO EN teas now include milk teas, Aloha Maid drinks have grown to 14 flavors and three flavored iced teas, and our Royal Mills line features iced coffee, cappuccino, mocha and our newest hit black coffee. We have the only factory in Hawai‘i that can produce canned iced coffee.

We have our customers to thank for supporting us for more than 30 years in Hawai‘i, and we feel blessed to be able to give back to our community, especially over the past year being hit hard by the pandemic. Donations, like our green tea drinks for first responders, provide a shot of energy and immunity-boosting antioxidants. We are also proud to support the county food drives and nonprofits that support feeding Hawai‘i’s families.

ITO EN has opened several U.S. locations, collectively known as the ITO EN U.S. Group, which consist of ITO EN North America, Distant Lands Coffee, Mason Vitamins and ITO EN Hawai‘i. The U.S. Group is led by CEO Yosuke Honjo, son of ITO EN co-founder Masanori Honjo. The Honjo family is a well-known supporter of Hawai‘i-Japan businesses.

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