Promoting Goodness With Clothes

As owner and creative director of Glorified Apparel, John Ulep is promoting acts of goodness through his clothing line, which he founded in November 2011.

“I like to draw, and it’s something I’ve always done to help my creative juices flow,” says Ulep, who was born and raised in Waipahu. “Friends of mine would see my drawings and call them ‘shirt worthy,’ and say things like, ‘I would wear a shirt like that.'”

T-shirts can be purchased for $18-$25 and stickers are sold for $3.

John Ulep, owner of Glorified Apparel. Photo courtesy John Ulep.

“For every ‘Let Go, Let God’ shirt purchased, a meal will be given to someone in our homeless community,” Ulep says. “It’s my philosophy to do something that matters.

It’s not just about what you do, but why you do it. It becomes a part of why people support you.

“After learning about other successful brands, I want something that goes beyond designs and clothing – something that promotes positive ideas and a life of service.”

Ulep caters his merchandise to those who value supporting causes that help make a difference in the community, and he has plans in the works to add tank tops and accessories to Glorified Apparel’s clothing line.

“For customers on Oahu, I try to meet up with each person, so I can thank them personally. I do offer shipping to customers on the Neighbor Islands and the Mainland as well,” Ulep says, suggesting that you like Glorified Apparel on Facebook to stay updated with new designs and events.

This one-man show keeps Ulep busier than ever, but he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

“I started this business to get my hands dirty and do work that makes me happy,” he says. “Everything I sell is to help me support a cause, an organization or an event to do good in this world. My customers have the opportunity to be part of something.

“At first, this endeavor was something that would allow me to grow through hard work,” explains Ulep, a 2010 Hawaii Pacific University graduate. “Now, it’s become so much more. My products hold more than material value.”

Glorified Apparel is making a difference one product at a time, and Ulep has high hopes for the future, working hard to create opportunities here at home and across the globe.

For more information, visit Glorified Apparel’s Facebook page or email