Priming Consumers For A Healthy Life

Driving down the freeway, Prime My Body co-founder Austin Tice says, “My car runs because I put good gasoline in it. Some people wonder why their mind doesn’t work right, or why they have fatigue, and it is because they are not putting good gasoline in their body.

“So many people in our country treat the symptoms, and no one ever talks about the cause,” adds Tice, a University of Hawaii at Manoa graduate.


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Prime products are all-natural

That’s the concept Tice and co-founder Brian Cummings apply to Prime My Body, which produces all-natural, plant-based protein blends to help people put healthy fuel into their bodies, while empowering them to make healthy lifestyle choices. That’s why they concoct their blends from plants, roots and herbs: It’s all designed to deliver powerful nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, while containing no dairy, no soy, no gluten and no GMOs.

Prime products include the Protein Blend (hemp seed, pea protein and brown rice protein), the Superfood Blend (chia seed, maca root, barley grass, moringa oleifera and rhodiola rosea) and Chocolate Love (cocoa, coconut sugar, stevia and Himalayan sea salt). Put the powder in water for a snack, post-workout recovery treat — or even a full meal replacement.

“A lot of protein supplements don’t leave you feeling full,” Tice says. “You still feel like you could eat 18 sandwiches 30 minutes later. The combination of proteins we use helps to keep you full.

“Plus, when you give your body the essential nutrients that it needs, it’s going to feel full because it is getting the proper fuel.”

As a baseball player, Tice always had been active. But he really started embracing a healthy lifestyle when he moved to Hawaii from Texas for college. (“In Hawaii, when you walk around with your shirt off all the time, if that doesn’t inspire you to keep in shape, I don’t know what will,” he jokes.) Many of the ingredients in Prime are foods that Tice and Cummings discovered while traveling the world. When they began incorporating these whole foods into their diets, they noticed changes — not only in how their bodies felt, but also in increased mental clarity.

They launched Prime My Body about two years ago as a way to share that knowledge with others.

“It is fun to help someone turn the light on,” Tice says of educating others on healthy living. “Because if you help someone turn the light on, they are going to go do the same for someone else. That is how we see the ripple effect and see change happen.”

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