Pricier Parking Fees A Shocker

It is common knowledge that legislative bodies deserve the most attention when they are looking for new revenue. This time the Honolulu City Council budget committee is in the spotlight.

They have tried this before and failed, but this time it looks more likely a proposal before the C&C will pass. They are considering doubling the hourly metered parking rate around Kapiolani and Aala parks.

The city currently charges 50 cents per hour. The proposal calls for raising that to $1. It would also impose the higher rate 24 hours instead of only during daytime, which would be a hardship for area residents who park overnight.

City Parks and Recreation officials say the extra parking revenue would help maintain city parks for everyone. The bill has already been heard twice by the full City Council and is making its way through the budget committee.

I’m not necessarily opposed to raising parking rates, but doubling the meter fees means anyone going to Kapiolani Park, Honolulu Zoo or Waikiki Beach is going to need a whole bunch of quarters to feed the meters.

It would seem like a good time to invent a parking meter that can take dollar bills, a credit card or have an app feature to make the experience less stressful. Some entrepreneur could do good business changing bills into coins during the daylight hours. Not to mention that four quarters are pretty heavy, and eight, 12 or 16 quarters in your pocket would make paddle boarding a bit more difficult.

A meter something like the ones they have at the airport’s commuter terminal parking lot may be the way to go. One thing for sure, it would make a trip to Kapiolani Park, the zoo and Waikiki Beach much easier.