Preparation A Critical Factor In Hurricane Season

Richard’s Roundtable…Rep. Richard Fale

Hurricane season lasts from June 1 to Nov. 30, but it’s also a good time to think about natural disasters and emergency preparedness.

Take some time this summer before everyone goes back to school to set up your family emergency preparedness plan.

Our communities are especially susceptible during natural disasters. Because we are largely coastal, we experience severe flooding conditions beyond the scope of hurricane season, and we have limited access in and out of our communities.

I hope you will plan ahead for the safety and security of your family, friends and neighbors. A few helpful tips I’d like to highlight …

Before a Disaster

* Listen for the nearby Outdoor Siren Warning System during its monthly testing. Report malfunctioning sirens and vandalism or theft of sirens to the the city Department of Emergency Management at 723-8960 or email

* Establish a plan among household members that includes preparing an Emergency Plan and Emergency Kit. Make sure you have five to seven days’ worth of food and medicine.

* Know where the nearest shelter is, especially if you are in a flood zone. Find out what you can and cannot take into the shelter.

* Reach out to neighbors and friends who live alone and/or have special needs to make sure they are prepared. Include them in your Emergency Plan if necessary.

* Get informed by visiting county, state and federal disaster preparedness web-sites such as, and to plan ahead. Flood zone maps, lists of evacuation shelters, templates for emergency plans and more are available on these websites.

* Sign up for free email and SMS text alerts at

After a Disaster

* Wait for the all-clear from authorities. Keep a radio or TV nearby and tuned in.

* Be cautious of debris on the roadways and near your home when you return. Secure any loose or damaged items and always proceed carefully on roadways.

* Be aware of any curfews or updates on pending weather or safety concerns.

I hope you will reach out to our office at with any questions or concerns you have. We always enjoy hearing from you. Be safe and be prepared.