Prep Game Of The Week – 8/20/14

Waiane vs. Kaiser

AUG. 22, 2014, 8 P.M.

Gary Dickman

Waianae has had a strong football tradition over the years, and this year they’re looking to continue that tradition by returning to the State Tournament. The Seariders, who finished 7-3 last season, have a new offense, the “Pistol,” which has proven very successful for college teams such as Nevada. And although they lost their top three running backs from last year, Waianae has a new set of RBs, a mammoth offensive line (three starters are more than 300 pounds) and a new quarterback in Ioane Kaluhiokalani, who takes over from his cousin Kekoa, who has graduated. Kaiser’s good, but it’s a big move up to Division I. Waianae should win this game.


Chris Hart

You’re partially right, Gary. While there’s talk of Waianae switching to the Pistol, it’s more about where their new QB will line up. They want to put him in the best position to see the defense. It won’t be the full-blown Pistol we’ve seen Nevada use. The Seariders will still play “Waianae football,” which for the most part means using their running game. And that is where they will run into trouble against Kaiser. Behind defensive coordinator Richard Torres, the Cougars defense is solid. Manase Palu, Parker Higgins and Zeno Choi cannot be blocked! On the offensive side, Kaiser’s O-line features two guys who are being recruited by Pac-12 schools, John Nisa and Michael Eletise. It will be close, but the Cougars and new head coach Cameron Higgins will eke out a win.

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