Prep Game Of The Week – 2/4/15

FEB. 6 @ 7 P.M.

Chris Hart

This game has been circled on my calendar all season long. Somehow the basketball gods knew to put the two best teams in the OIA Division I West as the last game of the regular season. This game could easily go either way, but one thing I think is for sure: It will be close. I’ve seen both teams play this year, and they are similar in many ways. Both teams are physically strong, both teams have scorers and both teams have an athletic big. Leilehua has Koa Kauhi at 6-foot-6, while Campbell counters with 6-foot-5 David Morrero. The key to this game will be depth, and I think the Mules have a little more of it. Players to watch include guard Joseph Gouty, who is a skilled slasher but has got to finish at the rim. Forward Nick Duran is underrated, and can hit from inside or out. Jayeson Baine and Anterrio Gainwell are beasts on defense. The scary thing about Leilehua is most of their best players return next year! Like I said, it’s gonna be a close one. Mules by one in OT!

Gary Dickman

I agree with Chris on one thing: Campbell and Leilehua is a great matchup. Both teams should be undefeated heading into this game. I know Leilehua has a strong lineup, a lot of size and is well-coached. But I like Campbell in this game for a few reasons. Senior point guard Michael Merchant gives them a veteran leader and a proficient scorer. Lamart Dudley had 16 points in a big win against Radford last week and pulled down 11 rebounds, as well. One area that Campbell is good at is something I have talked about for years regarding high school basketball here in Hawaii: free throw shooting. It makes a difference in so many games. Campbell has three starters who shoot more than 78 percent from the line. I see where Chris usually picks his team to win every game by one point. I don’t know why that is. Maybe a lack of confidence in his choices? Hmm. I, however, have confidence and am picking Campbell to win by eight points on senior night. There you have it.

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