Praising VA For Extraordinary Care

Dear Pamela,

My heartfelt APPLAUSE goes out to the staff at the Veterans Affairs Center for Living Care. My brother Bill was a Navy man during the Vietnam era. He was proud to have served his country.

The care and treatment my brother received during his long illness and recent passing was extraordinary. I just want to acknowledge the unsung heroes who care for our disabled American veterans.

Robert Gruenewald,

Dear Mr. Gruenewald,

Nurse Julie Stanzel remembers your brother. “Our goal here at the Community Living Center is to provide comfort and care and make patients as comfortable as possible as they come closer to the end of their lives. We also support the family and help prepare them to say goodbye. So I hope we were able to do that for the Gruenewalds. We become close to our patients and feel like part of the family.”

Dear Pamela,

I normally use TheBus, but last Monday I drove to Kapolei Marketplace. When I was ready to leave, my car wouldn’t start.

Four men in Tesoro uniforms stopped to aid a lady in distress by using jumper cables, but to no avail. Then a guardian angel appeared disguised as a young man. He found the trouble, hiked me to the NAPA Auto Parts store, ordered a new starter, then led while I nervously followed to RAF auto repairs in Campbell Industrial Complex. Then he disappeared. I have no idea what his name was, but the folks at RAF were very accommodating.

Caroline Steele,

Dear Caroline,

Rafino Yabes of RAF Auto Repairs appreciates your letter of thanks. “She had problems with the starter and alternator at the mall, and my place is the closest to NAPA Auto Parts where she first went. Later she had battery problems and got stuck at home. She called me up and is now a loyal customer. That’s how I get many customers, just word of mouth.”

RAF is at the Kapolei Business Park.

Aloha Pamela,

We are moving with the Air Force after a mere 18 months on the island. It was been a wonderful experience and we have loved living on the Windward side.

I wanted to thank Wadokan Judo for allowing us to be part of their family and providing gentle teaching and kindness to my children. Kapunahala Elementary and all of its staff have been so loving and kind as my twins started their first year of school there. Kokokahi Gymnastics gave us strength and balance. Our neighbors on Pilipaa Street have been so welcoming and kind. Tutu and Me welcomed us with open arms. Hawaii has taught us so much about the caring and loving others in things that we do each day – thank you!

Special thanks and Aloha to Jen, Steven, Jason, Jaren, Justin, Jeven, Trina, Michelle, Owen, Jordan, Morgan, Lori, Karen, Kapua, Sandy, Stacey, Tracy.

Dobbels family
Anchorage, Alaska

Dear Dobbels,

Katie Wida of Kokokahi Gymnastics says it was a pleasure coaching the kids. “We miss the Dobbel family,” she says. “We’re glad we had a positive impact on Ella and Trevor and that they enjoyed gymnastics at Kokokahi.”