Praising Professionalism, People Skills

Dear Pamela,

I took three visitors from South Carolina to Punchbowl to visit my dad’s grave and one of their friend’s uncle’s grave last week. We arrived around 5:30 p.m. and the office was closed. My visitor, Gail, had only the section and grave numbers for the uncle. Tobias, in security, was extremely helpful. He gave us a map, then told us to follow his car and directed us to the exact spot where the uncle was buried.

Patti Laba

Dear Patti,

Tobias Brown remembers your visit. “They were very nice people. This happens all the time,” he says. “Sometimes people have the numbers and just don’t know how to read the map, so I have to help them. Also, some of the older people at the visitors’ center are not computer savvy. It’s a privilege to help them. As a veteran, I consider the deceased here my brothers and sisters, so to be able to help their loved ones in paying tribute to them is a great joy.”

Dear Pamela,

Mahalo to Gavin Henry of Oceanic Cable, and Steven, who risked their lives, stopping their cars in the left lane of the H-2 freeway during heavy afternoon traffic to render aid to my brother. He suffered a massive heart attack while traveling home from work and sadly did not survive. It takes very courageous and noble human beings to want to help a complete stranger, and I am incredibly grateful that they were there for my brother until the very end. Our family is indebted.

Nadine Grace

Dear Nadine,

“We’re so incredibly proud of Oceanic employee Gavin Henry and his heroic efforts to provide assistance to a stranger in need,” says Bob Barlow, Oceanic Time Warner Cable president.

“Gavin exemplifies those qualities one admires most in employees: caring, committed, compassionate members of society who strive to make the communities in which we live, play and work better. He is to be commended.”

Dear Pamela,

I enjoy reading your column because we tend to overlook all of the small acts of kindness that people do. About a week ago, I lost my car keys on my way to tennis at Mililani Recreation Center. I backtracked and checked with the recreation center several times to see if anything was found. Having heard nothing, I was ready to give up and have new car keys made. This morning, I got a call from Travis, who works at Mililani Market Place Longs. Someone found my keys on the sidewalk, called CVS because there was the user card on the keychain, and was told to drop the keys off at any Longs. Mililani Market Place Longs contacted their main office to obtain our contact information and called my home about it. This is “world class” service! A big mahalo to Travis and to Longs for going through the extra effort to locate me. Also, a big mahalo to the kind person who found my keys and went out of their way to drop it off at Longs.

Dennis Jinnohara

Dear Dennis,

“We are delighted that Travis and our Mililani Longs team were able to retrieve Mr. Jinnohara’s keys,” says Mike DeAngelis, director of CVS public relations. “We actually have recovered and returned hundreds of keys to customers through our ExtraCare loyalty card program over the years, and we are pleased to begin introducing all of the benefits of the ExtraCare program to Longs’ customers in Hawaii.”