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Phase Two Of Successful Toilet Training

There are so many milestones for parents to treasure: first smile, first laugh, first word, first step.

Now allow me to add one to the mix that may not immediately come to mind: last diaper.

Yes, it’s a big deal. First and foremost, they’re expensive. Secondly, they require their own bag. Then, there’s the coordination.

Seriously, shuttling supplies from parent to parent, to grandparent or baby sitter and back is a choreography in itself that goes with diaper duty.

I was thrilled when my daughter made up her mind that she wanted to wear “big girl” underwear. (Less thrilled when I discovered that she grabbed a package of Disney princess underwear and stashed them into her backpack undetected during the Christmas shopping craze, but that’s another story!)

She was determined to get out of diapers, and she did. She didn’t even want to use Pull Ups. She was so proud to wear her new underwear (which I did pay for after I discovered what my dear daughter did). She also wanted to make sure every successful trip to the toilet was announced and applauded.

Potty trained. The end of our diaper-buying days – a great gift, for sure.

But I was unprepared for phase two of the process for child No. 2. Not long after that, my daughter started kicking me out of the bathroom.

She wouldn’t just shoo me out. She would say, “Get out, Mommy,” or my personal favorite, “Don’t bother me!” Heaven forbid I attempted to help her with toilet paper or flushing.

I can live with that, but lately a new toilet-training issue has popped up.

This has to do with those annoying automatic toilets.

Just about every restaurant, shopping center or hotel seems to have them. The new and not necessarily “improved” toilets replace manual handles with infrared sensors.

They’re often loud, have a mind of their own and splash you with a premature flush. I’ve been frustrated by them. Imagine my 2-year-old daughter’s reaction.

I can tell you from experience. We went to a hotel restaurant bathroom recently and she proceeded to say “Don’t bother me” and lock the stall.

All was fine, until she started doing her business and the toilet kept flushing, automatically.

Apparently, it’s common for children to have issues. Their small size and fidgety behavior challenge and confuse the sensor.

Well, I finally diffused that situation, only to run into another one right after that.

You know those automatic hands-free faucets?

Don’t get me started.