Pet Owner’s Advice: Want A Good Fire Alarm? Get A Cat

Satchi, saver of the day. Photo from Elizabeth Ball

The following report was filed by Elizabeth Ball of Keolu Hills, a veteran cat lover – and with good reason.

Satchi Saves the Day

March 19 started out like any other day. I began writing letters and found an envelope that had glued itself shut. Steaming not only neatly opens the letter, but also enables easy resealing. So I went upstairs, turned a large burner on the stove to “high” and set the non-whistling tea kettle on top.

Soon, it began to make the noises that a hot tea kettle makes as I waited patiently for the steam to appear. My mother was in her bedroom resting with her dog and cat, and all four of my kitties were resting comfortably in my downstairs apartment. When my phone started ringing downstairs, I ran to answer it. The two-way conversation soon turned into a three-way one, and I lost sight of everything else going on. The chat was long, boring, and tedious – enough so to make me want to lay down to rest. As I nodded off to sleep, I remember smelling what I thought was the neighbors barbecuing meat. It’s all right, I thought as I drifted off.

The next thing I remember is a loud, harsh screaming sound. My eyes remained closed as I attempted to identify the sound. “It sounds like a cat in heat,” I speculated, as it grew louder and louder. I opened my eyes to a white haze that completely engulfed my bedroom! Satchi, my award-winning cat was on top of a closet right next to my bed, frantically screaming. It finally dawned on me the reasons for her screaming and the white room. The stove!

As I raced upstairs, fear struck every part of me. In the kitchen the stove was ablaze with an angry, violent-looking fire. Without even thinking of what type of fire it was, I turned on the kitchen faucet, aimed it at the base of the blaze, and sprayed. Immediately, that violent fire was gone. I turned the stove off with a pot holder, as every part of the upper burner area was hot. After noting that it was safe to leave, I went to check on my mother, who also had fallen asleep. I woke her to say what had happened, even as my body was shaking and my voice cracking from the fright. It was truly a harrowing experience.

Satchi continued screaming for a short while, then stopped. That night, she slept at the foot of my bed, and every night for the next month as I believe that she wanted to stay close and protect me. I don’t know if she realizes that she not only saved my mom, all of our other pets, and me, but the property as well, with minimal damage. If the fire touched the stove’s back wall, it would have soared through the house quickly and unmercifully. Satchi saved our lives and our home!

The next day, we had a smoke detector installed in the kitchen area. Thanks to Satchi, we have a kitchen to put the smoke detector in!

Blaisdell Center held its annual Pet Expo May 12 where the Cat Fanciers Association and Hula Cats sponsored a day of activities for cat lovers. One of those activities was to honor Satchi for her bravery. She wore her “Medal of Honor,” given to her by the Three Catketeers (her Facebook friends). Announcer, Joan Harris awarded Satchi a ‘Purple Ribbon’ of honor and some toys.

“I think any cat or dog would do the same thing for their beloved owner if the chance arose,” declared Satchi’s mommy, Elizabeth Ball. (Satchi Kuuipo Ball also earned the Cat Fanciers’ 2011-2012 title of Best Household Pet.)