Pearl City Students Tackle Alien Algae At Paiko Lagoon Sanctuary

Editor’s Note: The article below was submitted by Ginger Kamisugi, a staff member at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School.

Students in grades 6-8 at Our Lady of Good Counsel boarded two buses Dec. 17 that took them from their school in Pearl City to the eastern side of Oahu.


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Seventh-graders (from left) Jonah K., Jayden T. and Maxwell S. don't seem a bit squeamish as they conduct their personal war against invasive mudweed and gorilla ogo at the sanctuary. Photos from Ginger Kamisugi.

The buses arrived at Kuliouou Beach Park, where the children began their 15-minute walk to Paiko Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary, which was established in 1981.

Why were they there, you might ask? They were there to get involved by literally diving in and getting their hands wet for a community service project, which was arranged by sixth-grade teacher Sylvia Tsuda. The main goal of the project was to remove undesired alien algae that is inhibiting the growth of many native marine species. It also gave students a chance to see and identify many different plant and animal sea life.

The students collected a total of nearly 140 bags of unwanted seaweed.

Good job, OLGC students, teachers and ohana! That’s the way to get involved and make a difference!