Pearl City Bowling Standout Anticipates Good State Tourney

Nakoa Na’auao had to choose between playing football this fall or bowling for the Chargers. The senior couldn’t have gone wrong in his pick, as both teams turned in solid seasons. Even so, he had no complaints about choosing bowling, as he averaged 220 per game during the season.

Last weekend, he and his teammates were seeking a second straight state bowling title, a week after winning another OIA crown.

Na’auao recently took some time away from the bowling alley to visit with MidWeek‘s West Oahu Islander as the Chargers were in final preparations for the 2012 state tournament last week on Kauai.

Who’s had the biggest impact on your life? My grandpa and my mom (Jaymie). They’ve supported me in bowling and everything I’ve done. Last year, they came to the Big Island to watch me (in the state tournament).

Also, my teammates have had a big role in all of this and Coach (Jimmy Hayashi). I’ve been with Coach for four years. I wasn’t good as a freshman, but he got me to where I’m at now.

I want to tell my friends, ‘The Wolfpack,’ thank you for everything also.

What is your earliest sports-related memory? When I was playing Pop Warner football. I was in the third grade when I started, and it was a very good experience.

I was playing with people two or three years older than me, but I was still a starter. You feel the adrenaline rush when you play football. It still brings back memories.

On the eve of the state tournament, what’s been the message among you and your teammates? We are trying to stay humble and be relaxed and not get down on ourselves. We’re all trying to go out and just do our best.

Who is the hardest worker – the guy whogives 110 percent at all times? Everyone works hard on our team, but one is Shawn Nakanishi, who is one of our captains along with me. He always tries to get us back up if we’re down.

What Internet site do you frequent the most? Instagram.

What is your least favorite household chore? Actually, I don’t have any household chores.

Mostly Hawaiian music. My dad (Sean Na’auao) is a Hawaiian musician and I’ve always loved music. I used to play the ukulele, but I’ve stopped for a while.

Do you play video games? What systems do you have? I have an XBOX360. My favorites are NCAA Football 2012, Madden (NFL Football) 2012, UFC Undisputed 3 and Grand Theft Auto.

If you could have your pick, what celebrity would you choose as your prom date? I love my girlfriend (Daeysha Resquer), but if I couldn’t have her as my date, then I guess (model) Dannie Riel.

You’re stuck on Kahoolawe and can have an endless supply of only one food. What would it be? Chicken adobo.