PDP Cat-Fix Clinic Saturday

Poi Dogs and Popoki's spay/neuter mobile clinic. Photo courtesy PDP.

Poi Dogs and Popoki’s spay/neuter mobile clinic. Photo courtesy PDP.

The Big Fix is back with a spay and neuter clinic for cats March 14 at Central Oahu Regional Park. Sponsored by Poi Dogs and Popoki (PDP), The Big Fix aims to help pet owners get their animals spayed/neutered at a low cost.

“Choosing to spay or neuter a pet could be the single most important health decision for any cat or dog owner to make,” stated PDP founder Alicia Maluafiti. “Unfortunately, in many of these communities, people have limited access to affordable sterilization.”

According to PDP, fees include microchip and pain medication: $50 for pet cats, and $25 for feral cats; $110 for male dogs, $130 for female dogs. Special subsidies may be available to those who cannot afford the fee.

Spay/neuter clinics also are offered March 16 at Hawaiian Memorial in Kaneohe (dogs), March 21 at Nanakuli Beach Park (cats), March 27 at North Shore Marketplace (cats) and March 28 at Nanakuli Beach Park (dogs).

Those interested in bringing in their pets should email Maluafiti at alicia@poidogsandpopoki.org or call 551-7915 to make an appointment.

In the email, be sure to include your name, contact number, whether the animal is a cat or dog (pet or feral), male or female, weight and breed for dogs, and choice of clinic date and location.