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JUNE 7, 2023
      Who knew that going to the bank could be so fun and feel like family?
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    The 2023 legislative session ended May 4. I hosted my monthly community meeting on May 20 at Kapolei High School, which included a legislative wrap up and community up- dates. Please visit my You- Tube page ( senmikegabbard) for details.
Budget Includes Funds For New School
This was my seventh year as chair of the Senate Ag- riculture and Environment Committee, during which, 3,132 bills were introduced (1,618 in the Senate, and 1,514 in the House). As of May 4, 274 bills passed the House and Senate and 29 have become law. Of the 3,132 bills, 254 were re- ferred to Agriculture and Environmental Committee (191 agriculture bills; 63 environment bills). Despite heading strong into the con- ference committee with 55 bills, only 19 passed (15 ag- riculture; four environment).
In community news, $15 million was included in the schools budget for the design and construction of East Kapolei High School, which will be located be- tween Farrington Highway and the freeway, close to Kualaka‘i Parkway. The conceptual design is com- plete, but construction is on hold pending verification of whether the project will continue within the state Department of Education or move to School Facilities Authority.
In other news, the Hawaiian Humane Society celebrated the grand opening of its ‘Ewa location. In 2017, developer D.R. Horton gifted the hu- mane society 5.5 acres within the Ho‘opili master plan. On May 20, the Kosasa Family Campus opened its doors to a 27,000-square-foot “new gen- eration” shelter. The facility will offer adoptions, animal admissions, veterinary care, and spay and neuter services. Itfeaturesthreedogpavilions, twocatpavilions,asmall-ani- malpavilion,twogazebosand a community dog park open to the public.
chickens and pigs destroy food crops in agricultural districts and are a persistent nuisance in suburban and ur- ban residential communities. Five million dollars was put in the budget for the state Department of Agriculture to establish a five-year pi- lot program to mitigate and control these nuisances. The HDOA will provide traps free-of-charge to the public to capture the feral animals, then collect the traps and return empty traps to folks who want them.
nity were awarded funds: Ho‘okele Elementary ($4 million) and Mauka Lani Elementary ($2 million).
 Now, we wait until the governor either signs the bills into law, doesn’t sign and the bills automatically become law, or vetoes the bills. He must inform us of his intent to veto by June 26 and deliver the actual veto by July 11.
And last, but not least, the U.S. Navy is committing $6 million to modernize the Ka- laeloa(formerlyBarbersPoint Naval Air Station) power grid and will work in partnership with Hawaiian Electric Co. Hopefully, this means fewer poweroutages.
SB652 addresses feral chickens and pigs. Feral
Under Act 257, Sessions Law of Hawai‘i 2022, $75 million has been appropri- ated to expand statewide pre-kindergarten access. Twoschoolsinourcommu-
Contact state Sen. Mike Gabbard (D-21 – Kapolei, Makakilo, Kalaeloa, portions of Fernandez Village and ‘Ewa) at 808-586-6830 or sengabbard@capitol.hawaii. gov.

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