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6 FEBRUARY 2, 2022
 West O‘ahu Native Lyndon Patricio Runs Gym With An ‘Ohana Mentality
developed a trust with the coaches and those who train here.”
The gym is a family affair for Lyndon, as the coach’s five children help make up a talented stable of estab- lished and up-and-coming boxers. Shera Mae Patricio, his eldest daughter, is ranked No. 1 in the nation as a Team USA elite competitor, while daughter Sheelyn Patricio is ranked No. 1 in the country as a junior with Team USA. His sons Lorenzo Patricio (ranked No. 1 with Team USA’s junior ranks), Lyndon Patricio Jr. (ranked No. 6 na- tionally as a youth compet- itor) and Leighton Patricio (ranked second in the coun- try as a bantamweight) are also successful products of Aiwohi Athletics.
Lyndon also recognizes Mark Julien Aiwohi (ranked third in the nation as an in- termediate competitor), Zion Daclison (ranked No. 10 as a junior) as well as Blu Gerardo, Micah Mirafuen- tes, Landon John Patricio, Brayzen Tadaki, Shania Patricio, Caleb and Carter Cantiberos, Dreson Eugen- io, Rayden Raymundo and Dazen Daclison as budding prospects and potential na- tional champions who have shined at recent national tournaments.
    “My kids wanted to be part of it, and really enjoy it, too,” Lyndon says. “I’m so proud of my kids, who trust me to train them, and the goal is to get better. They all carry 4.0 GPAs or better in school at Mililani High School, including my daughter, Shera Mae, who just graduated summa cum laude. All the kids that I train are really smart.”
The Aiwohi Athletics (top) team spend time in the ring (above and right). ANTHONY CONSILLIO PHOTOS
As a lifelong boxing en-
Lyndon was a teammate of Samson Guillermo, a former winner of multiple world championships out of Wai‘anae, and even roomed
“Over the years, I learned a lot about more than just boxing,” says Lyndon, who encourages those interest- ed in joining the gym to
“We teach our kids to re-
For more information, call Lyndon at 808-520- 5415.
thusiast, Lyndon has built an impressive résumé as a boxer. He was ranked No. 4 nationally by Golden Gloves, and even dabbled in kickboxing.
with Brian Viloria back in 1999 as they prepared for the 2000 Olympics togeth- er before Viloria went on to become a decorated profes- sional title-winning boxer.
come by and talk with him. “Without boxing, I would have been a much different person. And, it taught me life lessons.
spect their parents and the community, so it’s more than just fighting and be- coming a national champi- on. It’s about preparing for their futures. Life is tough,
and we want them to grow up and contribute to their communities.”

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