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NOVEMBER 17, 2021
    Aloha surfers and beachgo- ers,
Mid-November is still seeing some fun south swells that reached just overhead — a rarity for this late in the season. In fact, the re- cent south in town was bigger than country at the time — another rarity. Of course, nature will take its course and even out these rarities with big northwest swells and tiny south swells. But it’s fun to witness Moth- er Nature playing tricks.
noon sea breezes.
He knows how to handle nerves and focus. Unlike facing an 80-foot wave all alone, this time he will have Molly to share the stoke and re- sponsibility. Oh, and Kai’s folks live down the street.
tion of the joy that’s yet to come. It is truly one of the greatest blessings — not just in surfing, but in life.
Late South Swells; Kai Lenny Rides Into Fatherhood
 Another feature of our La Niña pattern is more light and variable days and, wow, did we experience this recently. We had nearly 10 days straight of ultra light winds! This meant many glassy morn- ings and mushy mid-day/after-
Kai is one of our sport’s most ar- ticulate athletes and kicked off this big news break with “And then there were four! I can’t believe I’m gonna be a dad to TWINS!” via Instagram. He added “...about to drop into the greatest ride of my life.”
We wish Kai and Molly all the best, anticipating the grandest ad- venture of their young lives.
World renowned champion big wave rider and waterman Kai Lenny, age 29, is about to ride the biggest adventure of his lifetime: He and his beautiful partner Molly Payne will have twins April 21.
It was Nov. 2. Hawai‘i had the Pe‘ahi — aka Jaws — season opener with an average 15-20-foot waves. Of course, Kai was all over it and, as usual, had plenty stand-out mo- ments. So, Kai was already on a high when he got the news of his twins a couple days later.
Oh, just in case you were wonder- ing, Kai, while riding — and getting tubed — on huge wave, pulled the pin on a pink/purple smoke-filled canister. The incredibly creative gender reveal is on his Instagram and with it, a glimpse into his fu- ture: “I’m going to be a girl dad!”
Indeed, Kai feels that his career of courage and daring discipline has prepared him in a very tangible way.
GQ, droppin’ in 4 U!
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Your child’s life is precious.
Don’t wait.
Surfer Kai Lenny, with partner Molly Payne, recently announced that they were expecting twin daughters. Lenny posted a video of himself surfing and revealing the babies’ gender to his Instagram account. PHOTO COURTESY WSL
Nowadays, with all the latest com- puter models, we can foresee swells a week or more out. This means surfers have plenty time to prepare physically and mentally. They have time to get pumped in sheer anticipa-
And mahalo to you for sharing our surf adventures in MidWeek’s West O‘ahu Voice.
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Hoku and Emma, COVID-19 survivors
The FDA has authorized the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 and above.

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