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 18 MIDWEEK JUNE 7, 2023
        RELEASE DATE—Sunday, June 4, 2023 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, June 4, 2023
Our minds are activated on new things and our communication refocused over the next weeks. This means we should allow ourselves time to consider, think and plan as our ability to conjure up the best results soars.
Your charm knows no bounds and your innate ability to get what you want is on a high note. See how you can best position yourself, Gemini, and mine those contacts you now make into something valuable, useful and important for your future growth. Don’t procrastinate.
Whoever whispers into your ear will have your close attention, Cancer. The stirrings that are going on reveal some secrets and enable you to gain the advantage in almost any complex situation. It is an intuitive time, coupled with many more opportunities to do good deeds and increase your karmic points. It all pays off.
The best way to manifest all of the good energy wafting through your chart now is to get more involved in social situations. You can do this
by joining clubs, arranging some parties or get togethers and generally getting out and moving about. Leos are expansive and open and you are the star social arranger and director.
You find ways to merge contacts at work into friendships. This synergy between your professional and personal life is not only valuable but also affirming. Virgos need not silo themselves to try to fit into two different sides of their lives. Careful merging gives you greater balance.
There will be times over the next few weeks where you are inspired to find new, innovative and possibly radical ways to get out of your routine and discover brand new things. Explore, Libra, and see what the world has to offer. It will not only engage your imagination, it may also prove to be very valuable in your career path.
Deep thinking on a range of important subjects takes you to places you only dreamed of going, Scorpio. Take some time to contemplate the deeper things in life, the areas that may have seemed too serious or uncomfortable to broach. Often when you peel away the layers, you find that things are actually simple to solve.
Your ability to take a relatively cool relationship and heat it up to a boil
is strong and powerful. So, Sagittarius, what will it be? Do you seek love, lust or a warm handshake? Now is the time to put your feelings in the forefront and carve a series of partnerships that reflect how you really feel and what you really want. Hooray!
Thinking about your job, what is it that you really enjoy and what aspects of it would you prefer to, ahem, delegate? You know what stirs your en- thusiasm Capricorn. Now is the time to parse out all of the responsibilities and see what you can do to craft the best overall job experience you can. The result will be gratifying.
Sometimes creating something fun is a bit more work than you might first think, Aquarius. But that is all part of the process. Give yourself some time to enjoy life, no matter how much effort it may take. You find a few helping hands to give you support. The most important thing is to find ways to be creative, rejuvenated and refreshed.
Family gatherings will not only be more enjoyable, they also give you a greater sense of stability. Pisces can figure out what they need to make their surroundings more secure. This all can lead to a home that embodies everything that makes you feel connected and happy.
Aries may sometimes talk first and think about the impact later. But now, you not only find the perfect way to sway others, you also eventually use your gift of gab to smooth over any family rough spots and fill any gaps. Be charming and diplomatic as you schmooze your way to domestic bliss. Who knows where this can lead? Ahh!
Whatever needs to be done to cement your financial future, do it now, Taurus. Your uncanny ability to sniff out the best deal and then expertly negotiate an even better deal is now unsurpassed. Find ways to save money and make your purchases go even farther in personal value. This is the time to solidify and consolidate.
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Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
 Edited by Patti Varol and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Patti Varol and Joyce Nichols Lewis
84 Med. condition
118 __ out of: slyly
18 Exacta or trifecta
51 Busy place 83
Howard or
84 Med. condition with repetitive
118 __ out of: slyly avoided
18 Exacta or trifecta 24 Actress Ward
51 Busy place 83 52 Iris layer
Howard or Alcorn, for short
with repetitive behavior
avoided 119 Particle
24 Actress Ward 26 Dormitory
52 Iris layer
53 Roller coaster 86
Alcorn, for short Tour de France
behavior 85 Bistro VIP
119 Particle accelerator
26 Dormitory annoyance
53 Roller coaster 86 parts
Tour de France mountains
85 Bistro VIP 87 Paged
accelerator particle
29 Cyclops feature
60 Wrath 88
mountains Hit the spot
1 Fairy tale brute 1 Fairy tale brute
87 Paged
88 Garden center
particle 120 Jedi Council
29 Cyclops feature 32 Separates, in a 32 Separates, in a
60 Wrath 88 61 Some 90 61 Some 90 Spielberg 91 Spielberg 91
Hit the spot Iditarod driver Iditarod driver Narcissist’s Narcissist’s problem problem
5 Bamako’s 5 Bamako’s
88 Garden center bagful
120 Jedi Council leader
way way
country country 9 Lethargy
89 Ruler divisions
34 Mouse hat 34 Mouse hat
movie movie
9 Lethargy
15 Bygone Swedish
89 Ruler divisions 90 Mexican market
feature feature
collectibles 92 collectibles 92
“Be My Baby” “Be My Baby” memoirist memoirist Spector Spector Actress Russo Actress Russo Hustle genre Hustle genre Maker of sweet Maker of sweet wafers
15 Bygone Swedish car company
90 Mexican market 93 Like an overtired
1 Backs (out) 1 Backs (out)
36 Food Network 36 Food Network production production
62 In shape 62 In shape
car company 19 Maggie Smith’s
93 Like an overtired child, maybe
2 Ascend 2 Ascend
63 Sombrero, e.g. 63 Sombrero, e.g.
19 Maggie Smith’s “Good Bones,”
child, maybe 95 Co-star of Nimoy
3 “For My Broken 3 “For My Broken
featuring a featuring a chef’s work
65 Icy coating 94 65 Icy coating 94 66 Elevator name 96 66 Elevator name 96 67 Soft mineral 97 67 Soft mineral 97
“Good Bones,” e.g.
95 Co-star of Nimoy and Shatner
Heart” singer Heart” singer
chef’s work surface?
e.g. 20 Agenda
and Shatner 96 Type of canoe
McEntire McEntire
surface? More chichi 37 More chichi
20 Agenda
21 Oat Milk Blend
96 Type of canoe 97 Russian refusal
4 Surfaces 4 Surfaces
68 Zoomed past 68 Zoomed past
wafers Sketch Sketch Preternatural Preternatural glow
21 Oat Milk Blend shampoo maker
97 Russian refusal 98 Derek’s ex-wife
5 Radar gun 5 Radar gun
38 Modus operandi 38 Modus operandi
69 Turn in 99 69 Turn in 99 70 Large lizard with 101 70 Large lizard with 101
shampoo maker 22 Combustible pile
98 Derek’s ex-wife on “Grey’s
reading: Abbr. reading: Abbr.
39 Catherine’s 39 Catherine’s
22 Combustible pile 23 Startling
on “Grey’s Anatomy”
6 Parallel to 6 Parallel to 7 Shoestring
“Schitt’s Creek” “Schitt’s Creek”
dewlaps dewlaps
23 Startling revelation for a
100 Sushi bar drink 103 Wall recess
7 Shoestring
8 Blue Pac-Man
40 Buzz 40 Buzz
Make a scarf,
revelation for a couch potato?
103 Wall recess 107 Really, really
8 Blue Pac-Man ghost
41 Sweeping 41 Sweeping
online, for short say online, for short say
couch potato? 25 Menu of family-
107 Really, really cheap liquor?
9 Can opener
segment of a segment of a
72 Moist towelette 104 Jimmy __: 72 Moist towelette 104 Jimmy __:
25 Menu of family- sized KFC
cheap liquor? 111 Ruse for
9 Can opener 10 Small eggs
prop comic’s prop comic’s
73 Implied fashion brand 73 Implied fashion brand
sized KFC options?
111 Ruse for crashing family
10 Small eggs 11 Flow back
act? act?
74 “Strange to say known for 74 “Strange to say known for
27 Just-in-case item
crashing family reunions?
11 Flow back 12 Aromatic Sri
42 Mercury and 42 Mercury and
... ” expensive shoes
... ” expensive shoes
27 Just-in-case item 28 “Let Me Love
113 Genre for some
12 Aromatic Sri Lankan exports
Mars Mars
76 Nights before 105 Difficult
76 Nights before 105 Difficult
77 Some athletic 106 Actress
77 Some athletic 106 Actress
28 “Let Me Love You” R&B singer
113 Genre for some Tokyo-based
Lankan exports 13 Upturned, as a
43 River inlets 43 River inlets
shoes Thompson shoes Thompson 78 Listen to 107 Pros using 78 Listen to 107 Pros using
You” R&B singer 30 Like many a
Tokyo-based bands
13 Upturned, as a box
44 Pizzeria output 44 Pizzeria output
30 Like many a safari cat
114 Does the job
14 Naan alternative
47 Actor/director 47 Actor/director
79 Research on mixers, for short 79 Research on mixers, for short a political rival, 108 Nail polish brand a political rival, 108 Nail polish brand
safari cat 31 Water cooler
114 Does the job perfectly
14 Naan alternative 15 Ball-shaped
Ken Ken
31 Water cooler sound
perfectly 115 Costa __
15 Ball-shaped 16 Sailor’s
48 Fashion letters
briefly 109 Cut (off) briefly 109 Cut (off)
115 Costa __
16 Sailor’s
48 Fashion letters
33 Had to have 33 Had to have
116 Blob’s lack 116 Blob’s lack
affirmative affirmative
50 Aromatic Indian 50 Aromatic Indian
82 Frozen fries 110 82 Frozen fries 110
Takeoff approx. Takeoff approx.
35 Apex predators 35 Apex predators
117 Small tastes 117 Small tastes
17 Equal 17 Equal
export export
maker 112 maker 112
Hasty escape Hasty escape
of the ocean of the ocean
100 Sushi bar drink
role role
71 Chatted with 102
71 Chatted with 102 Make a scarf,
  39 Rowan Atkinson 39 Rowan Atkinson
  character character
42 Butters up, 42 Butters up,
perhaps perhaps
44 Religious 44 Religious
residence residence
45 Not theirs 45 Not theirs
46 More oozy 46 More oozy
48 Makes jigsaw 48 Makes jigsaw
puzzles, perhaps puzzles, perhaps
49 Brief “If you ask 49 Brief “If you ask
me” me”
50 Full-time 50 Full-time
employee at a employee at a
corn processing corn processing
plant? plant?
54 Tiny criticism 54 Tiny criticism
55 Kanga’s kid 55 Kanga’s kid
5656CCrerdeidtit___: : ZZuruicrihchbbaannkk
5757DDireircetcotrorRReeitmitmaann anadndtetneninsisggrereaat t LeLnednldl
5858GGoloflbf abaggiteitemm 5959FFrerdedofof
“S“Schcmhmigigaaddooonn!”!” 6161___nonwowaannddththeenn 6 26 2 H He ae t a t u nu ni t i t 6565121-2D-Dowownnaanndd
505-0D-Dowownn, ,
mmayabyebe 6868PPridriedesosouunndd 6969CComommaannddtotoaa
gugauradrdddoogg 7171BBitsits
7272FFeeleslsliklieke 7575“I“hI ahtaeteit”it” 7676CChahtatwwithithoonnlinlinee 777FFiniene 8080HHoronrsnwswoogggleledd 8181“O“Onnthteheooththeer r
hahnadnd.....” ” 8282DDididtotoommuuchch hehaevayvylifltiifntingg??
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