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16 MIDWEEK JUNE 7, 2023
 BLet The Sunflower In With This Project
esides lychee and photos. Such a happy flower technique to cover a jar. You You can also just use the own sunflower jar. Send in mangoes, it seems for some happy adventures. can recycle a jar or other decorated jar to hold flowers, a photo to joyofcrafting@ that summer is also This week’s project lets container for this project. maybe even sunflowers? Or, If I post it here,
  sunflower season. At least you keep the happiness flow- Using tissue paper for the let it hold your paint brush- I’ ll send
Ben Franklin
that’s what it looks like on so- cial media with everyone go- ing out to the different farms and posting those beautiful
ing. Make a sunflower design on a jar for a fun and useful decoration.
sunflower design keeps it nice and light. It also allows you to add a battery-operated T-Lite to illuminate the jar.
es, pens or pencils. This is a project that is fun, pretty and useful.
You can find this project sheet and many more at ben-
  You will use a decoupage
Have fun making your
you a Crafts gift card!
             SUPPLIES AND TOOLS:
• Glass or plastic Mason jar or other container/vase
• Yellow tissue paper
• Brown tissue paper
• Green tissue paper
(two shades of green)
• Mod Podge or similar
decoupage adhesive/sealer
• Clear acrylic varnish
• Sponge brush, 1 inch
• Scissors
• Battery operated T-Lite
 Take a sheet of the yellow tissue paper and cut out petal shapes, about 1-inch long.
Remove the jar lid. Coat one side of the jar with the Mod Podge.
Leaving an opening in the middle, place the petals on the jar to make a sunflower. Add more layers of petals until you are happy with the design.
From the brown tissue paper, cut out a circle to cover the center opening of the sunflower petals. Place the circle on the jar.
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Take a sheet of each shade of green tissue paper and cut out petals shapes for the leaves.
When you have finished adding sunflowers and leavesandtheModPodgehasdried,coatthejar with a clear varnish and let it dry.
Screw just the lid rim back onto the jar
Place the battery-operated T-Lite at the bottom of the jar for a lighted decoration.
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Brush on more Mod Podge as needed and place the leaves by the flower. You can overlap the tissue paper pieces for a nice shaded effect.
Jar as light decoration.
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You can also use the jar as a vase or container to hold brushes, pens or pencils.
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