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 22 MIDWEEK MAY 31, 2023
        RELEASE DATE—Sunday, May 28, 2023 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, May 28, 2023
We are spurred to grand displays of love and affection this week. Spread your charisma and see how much you sizzle.
Geminis are naturally sociable and flirtatious and now you are full of extra charisma. Every word you utter is received happily and you charm anyone you want to charm. Use this amped-up gift of gab to make your life more content and in greater balance. Pursue avenues that lead you to new opportunities and associations.
Your mind is especially active with making your future more comfortable monetarily, Cancer. Not only are you getting more creative ideas about how to best balance your budget and achieving more fiscal indepen- dence, you find trusted advisers to help you along. Tread carefully but fitfully as you navigate your way to riches.
Leos have a certain extra oomph now that leads them to new important contacts. Mingle and swingle as you maneuver through all types of events where the influential folks congregate. Plan your eventual ascent as you charm those who can do important things for you down the road. Make the perfect first impression. You will!
What is it that seems to inspire others and makes you a bit more intuitive and psychic, Virgo? I don’t know but be sure to milk this talent for as long as you can. It leads you to greater personal harmony and self-protection as you forge new pathways in your life. Find time to give back to the world through charitable efforts.
This is a great time to get more involved in group activities, Libra. Not only will you be able to find the perfect group for you, but you will inspire others to join you in your own personal like-minded group. You are usually popular and now you are even more so. Find the harmony in interactions with others and see where you can all go.
Any long term plans or career goals suddenly seem within reach, Scorpio. The secret to your eventual success is to turn on the charm and see who you can impress with your expertise and energy. There are be those who can give you a leg up on the corporate ladder, if that is what you want. First decide what you really want.
Any big adventure brings you more than you expect now, Sagittarius. And that is great — you need more energetic oomph coupled with some luck to bring you to a new level of self-understanding. Find ways to get out of your comfort zone and embrace the world. You will rule.
You love deeply and profoundly, Capricorn. Allow the depths of your emotions to waft into your immediate environment and use it to inspire others. Become a major force in any major effort or grand cause whether it is on a global or personal level. You exude and also attract love and passion like a magnet to others. Wow!
Any relationship that has ruptured can be mended now, Aquarius, if you want that. You are a diplomat. Find ways of bridging gaps now and inspire others with your charisma and affection. Compromises can be reached and associations strengthened. There is power in unity, especially now. No one is an island unto themselves.
Whatever work projects that have been sitting around and gathering dust, tackle them. They are ready for your attention and dispatch, Pisces. Clean off your desk of any stressful to-dos and find more ways of achiev- ing harmony, calm and balance. Your mind is expansive and your ideas are creative and successful. Now relax.
You are popularity plus now, Aries. That means that whatever creative inspiration charges you up, you will not only launch it with gusto, you will also have a parade of admirers helping you out. Get your mind focused
on fun, frivolity and flirtation. This combination not only leads to greater camaraderie but also possible romance.
Family takes on an entirely new and fun vibe, Taurus. Find more ways to bring relatives together and make home a place of sanctuary, love and affection. Plan a reunion, reach out to those who you may not have heard from in a while and otherwise make your surroundings more beautiful.
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Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
 Edited by Patti Varol and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Patti Varol and Joyce Nichols Lewis
93 __ Minella: vest- 126 “¿Qué __?”: 93 __ Minella: vest- 126 “¿Qué __?”:
10 Permanently 51 Give up 92
Stops along the
wearing Muppet
Spanish “What’s
10 Permanently 51 Give up 92 removes hair, 53 Jamaican
Stops along the way
wearing Muppet chimpanzee
Spanish “What’s up?”
removes hair, 53 Jamaican
perhaps tangelo brand 95
Sours, as a
chimpanzee 94 Crochet need
up?” 127 Mountain
perhaps tangelo brand 95 11 Devour more name
Sours, as a parade
94 Crochet need 96 Mix
127 Mountain nymph
11 Devour more name
than 54 Have in mind 97
Act of contrition
96 Mix
97 Gp. for those
nymph 128 Norsk
than 54 Have in mind 97 12 Decks out 55 Setting 98
Act of contrition Beowulf foe Beowulf foe Stockton’s NBA
1 West African 1 West African
97 Gp. for those who putter
128 Norsk Folkemuseum
12 Decks out 13 Christmas 13 Christmas
55 Setting
56 Annual Queens
99 Stockton’s NBA
capital capital
who putter around a lot?
Folkemuseum city
purchase kids purchase kids
56 Annual Queens sporting event sporting event
record 15,806
6 Page with many
around a lot? 100 Maumee River
129 Melodious
know about know about before Santa
57 “Watch out!” 57 “Watch out!” 58 Having a go 58 Having a go
record 15,806 100 Discarded tech 100 Discarded tech
6 Page with many 100 Maumee River
129 Melodious 130 Ones making
views? views? 10 Veg out
endpoint endpoint
before Santa comes
10 Veg out 14 Grads-to-be
103 Battery size 103 Battery size
130 Ones making alterations, for
Already claimed,
59 Band aide 59 Band aide
101 Click a circular 101 Click a circular arrow, say
14 Grads-to-be 17 Root beer treats
106 Mama’s mama 106 Mama’s mama
alterations, for short
14 Already claimed,
60 Of the __ 60 Of the __
arrow, say 102 Core values 102 Core values
17 Root beer treats 19 Apple’s
108 Gets to the 108 Gets to the
short 131 Sunrise
with “for” with “for” 15 Tire type 15 Tire type
importance importance
19 Apple’s counterpart of
point? point?
131 Sunrise dirección
65 Tsp., e.g. 65 Tsp., e.g.
104 Thinks the same
104 Thinks the same
105 Turkish mount
105 Turkish mount
counterpart of 3-Down
110 Information 110 Information
132 Butter chicken
16 Like a good 16 Like a good
66 Pothole filler 66 Pothole filler
20 Sportbacks, e.g.
often included in often included in
132 Butter chicken bread
romance novel romance novel
67 Star starter 67 Star starter
consisting of consisting of two volcanic two volcanic cones cones
20 Sportbacks, e.g. 22 Morita of “The
a bridal shower a bridal shower
133 Some Scots
18 Hero 18 Hero
69 Flaw 69 Flaw
22 Morita of “The Karate Kid”
invitation invitation
133 Some Scots
21 Lip-__ 21 Lip-__
73 “Perhaps” 73 “Perhaps” 74 Catchall file
Karate Kid” 23 Pony car since
115 Bowling sites 115 Bowling sites 116 Kodiak Island
24 Dry designation 24 Dry designation
74 Catchall file abbr.
107 __ the Hun
107 __ the Hun
109 Adlon of “Better 109 Adlon of “Better
23 Pony car since 1964
116 Kodiak Island resident
1 Has an 1 Has an
26 African country 26 African country
75 Nautical wheel
25 Game option
influence on influence on
nearest Spain nearest Spain 30 Inventor Nikola
75 Nautical wheel 76 “__ or it didn’t 76 “__ or it didn’t
25 Game option featuring
resident 117 Rook kin
2 Outfit 2 Outfit
30 Inventor Nikola 33 Create an
Things” 111 “__, sing 111 “__, sing
featuring cutscenes
117 Rook kin
118 Soph, probably
3 Microsoft’s 3 Microsoft’s
33 Create an image of image of
happen” happen”
America”: America”: Hughes Hughes
cutscenes 27 Jazz legend
118 Soph, probably 120 __-pedi
counterpart of counterpart of
78 “Dance Moms” 78 “Dance Moms” dancer JoJo
27 Jazz legend James
120 __-pedi
121 Long series of
19-Across 19-Across
35 Peck 35 Peck
dancer JoJo 81 Starlike
112 Sidestep
112 Sidestep
113 Intel job
113 Intel job
114 “__-haw!”
114 “__-haw!”
119 “Don’t worry abt 119 “Don’t worry abt
28 Kelly Clarkson’s
121 Long series of romances?
4 Location tools 4 Location tools
36 “Aw, heck” 36 “Aw, heck”
81 Starlike 83 Softened 83 Softened 85 Fork over
28 Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U __
romances? 123 Mixes such as
5 Bread box? 5 Bread box? 6 Bone-related
38 Work like a gland 38 Work like a gland
“Since U __ Gone”
123 Mixes such as garam masala
44 Singer DiFranco 44 Singer DiFranco
85 Fork over
87 Photo __ it”
Gone” 29 Pilot
garam masala and ras el
6 Bone-related prefix
45 Canyon edge 45 Canyon edge
87 Photo __ it”
29 Pilot
31 Cellphone giant
and ras el hanout, and
7 Steinways, e.g.
47 Miami’s st. 47 Miami’s st.
88 Brewery 88 Brewery
122 Ante-
122 Ante-
124 “The More You 124 “The More You
31 Cellphone giant 32 Green sold in
hanout, and what are found
7 Steinways, e.g. 8 Directional suffix
49 Many Monets 49 Many Monets
container container
32 Green sold in rainbow bunches
what are found
8 Directional suffix
50 Aloo mutter 50 Aloo mutter
90 Actor Tudyk 90 Actor Tudyk
Know” spot, e.g. Know” spot, e.g.
rainbow bunches
in this puzzle’s in this puzzle’s
9 Paleontologist’s 9 Paleontologist’s
ingredients ingredients
91 Mountain chain 91 Mountain chain
125 Tote (around) 125 Tote (around)
34 Flavor with 34 Flavor with
circles? circles?
workplace workplace
Oreos Oreos
    37 Language class 37 Language class
subject subject
39 Grabs a chair 39 Grabs a chair
40 PreCheck org. 40 PreCheck org.
41 Just 41 Just
42 Govt. ID issuer 42 Govt. ID issuer
43 Comice, e.g. 43 Comice, e.g.
46 Word with care 46 Word with care
or aware or aware
48 D&D monster 48 D&D monster
with a beak with a beak
attack attack
50 Some alfresco 50 Some alfresco
dates dates
52 Association 52 Association
for former for former
classmates classmates
58 Genre satirized 58 Genre satirized
ininthteheBBuuildildiningg” ” 6161GGeteot lodldeer r
6262BBagagygy 6363TaTkaeketuturnrnss 6464___scsiceienncece 6868GGuyusys 7070RRanacnhchggrarazezer r 7171TThahnaknskgsgiviivningg
sisdiededidsihsh 7272“B“Bacakcktotoththee
FFututruer”e”vevehhicilcele 7676DDadad
777AAltaltra-re-dedwwoordrds?s? 7878CConovnovyoyrigrig 7979SSquqiurrirerel’sl’shhoommee 8080MManaynyaa
cacmampapaigignnaadd 8 28 2 S So mo me e s es ec oc on nd d- -
A Amme rei cr i ac an ns s 8484EEgygpytpiatiannvivpipeer r 8686RRomom-c-ocomm
mmaianisntsatayy 8989BBanaknkjojobb nenceecsesistyity
9292PPasasessesoonn, ,aass knkonwowleleddggee
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