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20 MIDWEEK MAY 31, 2023
   Students will go to just about any lengths to getoutofatest—even
Another Far-out Plan To Avoid The Exam
  outer space. So it was in Hem- lock, Michigan, on May 16, when an enterprising student reported an alien invasion to avoid a math test, according to KTVZ-TV. The student reported that ETs came from the skies in flying saucers and landed on the playground, and the rumors quickly began circulating among the student body on social media.
he checked in. He cooperat- ed with police and then took his leave of Tibet, saying he was suffering from the shock of the incident.
ed helicopters. Finally, Ip was spotted waving her arms, and police were directed to her lo- cation.
This spring, Paul Housego, an employment judge, re- jected Clifford’s argument, saying Clifford was treated more favorably than others because he was being paid without having to work. Clif- ford plans to appeal.
Holy Cow!
 “Istayupuntil2a.m.to3 a.m. every morning, and the slightest movement would wake me up,” he said. “It left me in a bad mental state.”
“I thought I was going to die there,” she said.
Nice Try, Buddy
   Out With The Weiner
British IBM IT profes- sional Ian Clifford, 50, has not worked since Septem- ber 2008 as he battled men- tal-health issues and stage 4 leukemia, Business Insider reported. Clifford has been on sick leave for 15 years, collecting a salary of almost $68,000 per year after reach- ing an agreement with IBM in 2013.
On May 9, officers from Boone County and Watauga County, North Carolina, tried to chase down Joshua Min- ton, 34, after he was pulled over for reckless driving, CBS News reported. Min- ton ran into an “undeveloped area,” where law enforcement got an unlikely helping.
           But Superintendent Don Killingbeck wasn’t having it. “We have thoroughly in- vestigated the situation, and there is no evidence of any alien activity on our school
Not a moment too soon, Oscar Mayer announced on May 17 that it is changing the name of its iconic Wienermo- bile to the Frankmobile, CNN reported. The company says the name change “pays hom- age” to its new recipe for hot dogs, which will roll out this summer.
The Body Under The Bed
country’s remote bushland for five days in late April af- ter she took a wrong turn and became stuck in mud, United Press International reported. Sgt. Martin Torpey of the Wodonga police said Ip had planned just a day trip, “so she had taken a couple of snacks and lollies with her,
But in February 2022, Clifford testified in an em- ployment tribunal that he had been treated unfairly because he hadn’t had a sal- ary increase since the 2013 agreement went into place. He argued that inflation was causing his income to “with- er” and sought a pay raise of 2.5%.
Cows in the field “quickly assisted our officers by lead- ing them directly to where the suspect was hiding,” po- lice announced in a Facebook post.
 grounds,” he said.
The prankster has been dis-
A company spokesper- son said the change is a test; they’ll have “to see if it cuts the mustard” with fans. The Wienermobile first appeared in 1936; 23 of the eye-catch- ing vehicles now travel around the country.
ciplined, he added.
In other Weird happenings:
but no water. The only liquid Lillian, who doesn’t drink, had with her was a bottle of wine she had bought as a gift for her mother.”
Of ‘Corpse’ It Smells
“The cows communicated with the officers as best they could and finally just had the officers follow them to the suspect’s location,” added police.
A tourist identified as Mr. Zhang checked into a hotel in Lhasa, Tibet, on April 20, only to discover a foul smell in his room, CNN reported. He stuck it out for half a day, thinking it might be his own feet or the restaurant down- stairs, but finally he asked to be moved. Two days later, he was informed about the source of the bad odor: a dead body under the bed.
Ip, Ip, Hooray!
Without cell service, Ip couldn’t call for help. Her family notified police about her absence, and a four-day search over the region includ-
“Your mortgage doesn’t go down because you are sick,” he noted.
Minton was arrested on multiple charges.
Lillian Ip of Cheltenham, Australia, was stranded in the
   Police officers questioned Mr. Zhang but said he was not a suspect because the body had been there before
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