Page 17 - MidWeek - May 31, 2023
P. 17

Continue adding more links this way, creating a zig zag pattern.
Unfold the last strip.
Pull the whole strip
through, joining the
ends. And here’s the finished bracelet!
a) Separate the two loose ends of the strip. Take the end on
the inner side of the bracelet. Bring it back and tuck it into the weave.
b) Take the strip end on the outer side and fold it over the top.
c) Tuck the end into the weave.
d) The ends are now tucked in. You can add a little glue to secure if you want.
MAY 31, 2023 MIDWEEK 17
             Bring the ends of the bracelet chain together and slip the long strip in one link.
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