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16 MIDWEEK MAY 31, 2023
Fold piece together. This is one “link.”
Fold up the rest of the paper strips to make more links. Remember to make sure you have an even number of links.
TAn Exciting Way To Weave Your Magic
here are two times in our portfolio designs, only to for work or crafts. With this weave you can make You can find this project the school year that cover them with photos from The second time that brings other things like baskets and sheet and many more at ben- make me nostalgic. surfing magazines under clear back memories is the end of bags — and it doesn’t have to It’s a
One is at the beginning when report covers and taped in the school year and how we be made with candy wrappers. great place to look for craft-
all the school supplies appear at the stores. It takes me back to when we would get excited to get new crayons or a cute pencil case. As we got older, we would carefully choose
place with colored electrical tape. It didn’t matter if you surfed or not!
looked forward to summer. Lots of fun memories.
You can use recycled papers or origami paper. If you want it to be a little water resistant and sturdier, you can seal up the paper strips with clear packing tape before weaving.
Joining links 4 together:
a) Slip the ends of link No. 1 in between the openings between the folds of link No. 2’s open end.
b) Slide link No. 1 in.
c) Slide all the way in until it stops because of its middle fold.
d) It will look like a”V.”
ing ideas during the summer. If you do weave up paper, email a photo to joyofcraft- and if I share it here, I’ll send you a Ben Franklin Crafts gift card.
I still wander the school supplies aisles and pick up cute notebooks or pens to use
This week’s project may do that for some. How many of you made paper weave brace- lets using candy wrappers?
            Take a strip of paper and fold in half lengthwise. Crease well. Unfold.
Fold each edge to the center crease line. Crease well.
   Fold in half. You should have a thinner long strip.
Fold the strip in half, lengthwise, having the two ends meets. Crease well. Unfold.
Now, fold the ends in to the newly creased center line.
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                 • 24 pieces of 2-by-4 1/2-inch paper strips
Optional: Clear packing tape, Tacky Glue, Craft tweezers
NOTE: Depending on the fin- ished size of the bracelet, you may need less or more paper strips. You just want to use an even number of paper strips.
You can use a variety
of media for weaving like newspaper, magazine pages, candy wrappers, wrapping paper, etc.
If you are using thin papers, to make the woven piece more durable, you can cover each strip with clear packing tape before weaving.
You can use Tacky Glue to spot glue where the pieces join to reinforce the connec- tion.

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