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 26 MIDWEEK MAY 10, 2023
        RELEASE DATE—Sunday, May 7, 2023 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, May 7, 2023
The cosmos expands our world in new ways. Expect a burst of energy and luck that you can manifest for the long term. Wow!
You are brimming with charisma and charm, Taurus. What can you do with all of this pent up energy that will help you better succeed in any of your long term plans? The cosmos may provide an answer. The secret of your success is to keep your sunny attitude and make yourself available to any social group that interests you.
There is so much happy energy going on in the background that you may be forgiven to think that you are just plain lucky, Gemini. Ride the mellow wave of goodness and see where it deposits you. The best way to maximize this energy is to give back through charitable work. Good karma multiplies and leads to long term happiness.
Friends are not only a source of great fun they are also wonderfully attuned to your many moods and provide important support to you when you need it. So embrace your social circle, Cancer, and see how much you can get involved in group efforts over the next month. It bolsters your confidence and gives you many new ideas.
There are those in power that will finally recognize your own greatness, Leo. Make yourself available to those who can influence your path and give you a helping hand where and when you need it. Your ability to harness power and also charm those with it is at a high point. Don’t procrastinate. Get on your path to success.
Expansion is the keyword for you now, Virgo. Anything that gets you out of your usual routine and spices up your life will be very welcome and necessary. It ramps up your drive and your energy level and gives you an entirely new perspective on the world. This turn of mind may also lead to new solutions to long term issues.
Libras have much more than their fair share of sexiness and allure. Be prepared for a rush of new admirers and a ramping up of current amours. If you are searching for perfection, you may find it now by tweaking a current romance or finding a new one. But allow your mind to have a vote. Your emotions are on Cloud 9.
What is it about relationships that garner all of your attention now, Scorpio? Maybe it’s because you realize how important certain people are to you and how much you value them in your life. If you have reached that point, be sure that you reconnect with them and strengthen the bonds between you for the long term.
There will be times when you feel that you have too much to do, Sagittarius. But that feeling passes quickly as you also find that you can accomplish much more than you think. Your mind is especially active and expansive and you are able to find more shortcuts and opportunities to enlist others to help. So get started!
Fun seems a bit overwhelming now, Capricorn. That is because everyone seems to want you at their event or have your creative input in any planning stage of a project. Parse out your time carefully and don’t waste any of that artistic juice on just any old thing. You have inspiration galore and should use it for your own benefit.
Home is where your heart is, Aquarius. That means that any home or home improvement project that has been waiting to get started can get started now. But be sure that your plans are within achievable param- eters. Your desire to think big may overwhelm any modest plans. Start small and build up to a mansion.
You seem to know just what to say to other that motivate and compel them to act, Pisces. This gift of gab is not only particularly special it is also your ticket to success. So think carefully about what you want to say, find the right person to say it to and see what great things can happen. Are politics in your future? Hmm....
If you feel a bit more financially solvent and confident, see if your feelings are due to actually having more disposable income or if your outlook on money management has shifted. While there could be an extra pot of gold that turns up, try not to spend any of it before you have cash in hand, Aries. I suggest investing first.
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Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
 Edited by Patti Varol and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Patti Varol and Joyce Nichols Lewis
92 Kotb of “Today”
124 Maxwell House
24 Wished for a
59 Evita’s land: 86
Got by
92 Kotb of “Today” 93 Literal and
124 Maxwell House alternative
24 Wished for a do-over
59 Evita’s land: 86 Abbr. 87
Got by
“__ we there
93 Literal and metaphorical
do-over 25 Lay to rest
Abbr. 87 61 Drop without
“__ we there yet?”
metaphorical danger spot
25 Lay to rest 29 Lungs locale
61 Drop without warning, in a 88
Cold open?
ACROSS ACROSS 1 Wafer brand
danger spot 96 Not quite the
1 “Sunday Puzzle” 1 “Sunday Puzzle”
29 Lungs locale 30 Full of gossip
warning, in a 88 way 90 way 90 62 Triumphant one 93 62 Triumphant one 93
Cold open? Pickleball barrier Pickleball barrier Prize for a
Prize for a 62-Down 62-Down
Green Monopoly Green Monopoly pieces
“That’s it for “That’s it for me!”
Playlist unit Playlist unit
In a rigidly
In a rigidly formal way formal way Muscle
“This’ll end __” “This’ll end __” Post of propriety Post of propriety Trousers Trousers Astronaut’s Astronaut’s go-aheads go-aheads
1 Wafer brand 6 Con
worst grade 97 Pickleball
2 The Carter __ 2 The Carter __
31 Doing a pirouette, say
63 “__ seen better” 63 “__ seen better”
6 Con
10 Count in jazz
97 Pickleball smashes
3 “What a __-out!” 3 “What a __-out!”
pirouette, say 32 Oscar the
64 Total 94 64 Total 94
10 Count in jazz 15 Artisan’s online
99 Trite remark of
4 Crowning 4 Crowning
32 Oscar the Grouch, e.g. Grouch, e.g.
65 Place for a 65 Place for a
15 Artisan’s online marketplace
99 Trite remark of the future?
achievement achievement
33 Hunks 33 Hunks
bangle 95 bangle 95
marketplace 19 Charity golf
the future? 102 Press corps
5 Mark in the 5 Mark in the
35 AOL rival 35 AOL rival
66 Nicholas II title 66 Nicholas II title
19 Charity golf tourney
102 Press corps members
World Golf Hall World Golf Hall
36 The NCAA’s 36 The NCAA’s
67 Previously 97 67 Previously 97 68 Orthodontist’s 98 68 Orthodontist’s 98
tourney 20 “Otello”
members 105 Cheek colorer
of Fame of Fame
Huskies Huskies
20 “Otello” baritone
105 Cheek colorer 106 Squat
6 Blues great __ 6 Blues great __
37 One of two 37 One of two
creation creation
baritone 21 Build up
106 Squat 108 Filing jobs,
Monica Parker Monica Parker
words with an words with an
69 Airport with a 99 69 Airport with a 99 BART station 100 BART station 100 70 Teri of “Oh, 101 70 Teri of “Oh, 101 God!” 103 God!” 103 71 Unspoken 104 71 Unspoken 104 76 Harmony 107
21 Build up 22 “I like it!”
108 Filing jobs, briefly
7 Academy trainee 7 Academy trainee
umlaut in a metal umlaut in a metal
22 “I like it!”
23 Illumination in
briefly 109 Lhasa __
8 In the past 8 In the past
band’s name band’s name
23 Illumination in the Sugarhill
109 Lhasa __ 110 Employee’s
9 NYC cultural 9 NYC cultural
40 Shapiro of 40 Shapiro of
the Sugarhill Gang’s car?
110 Employee’s explanation
center center
1-Down 1-Down
43 Actor Jacobi
Gang’s car? 26 Michael of “The
explanation for intentional
10 “The Jungle 10 “The Jungle
26 Michael of “The Lego Batman
for intentional incompetence?
Book” bear Book” bear
43 Actor Jacobi 44 Lea grazer 44 Lea grazer
76 Harmony 77 Show scorn 77 Show scorn
Lego Batman Movie”
incompetence? 117 Invite
11 __ acid 11 __ acid
45 Call forth 45 Call forth
78 Hosp. areas 78 Hosp. areas
110 Prime rib au __
110 Prime rib au __
111 Forever Stamp
111 Forever Stamp
Movie” 27 __ pan
117 Invite information
12 Droop 12 Droop 13 “Kinda”
48 44-Down’s 48 44-Down’s
79 Call forth 79 Call forth 80 Meal with 80 Meal with
information 28 Source of many 118 Habitual
27 __ pan
28 Source of many 118 Habitual
13 “Kinda”
14 Approximate fig.
sound sound
quotes, for quotes, for
Bagpiper’s garb
14 Approximate fig. 15 Make secret, in
49 Far from hard- 49 Far from hard-
vegetables vegetables
112 “Yo”
113 Actress
113 Actress
short short
120 French wine 120 French wine
15 Make secret, in a way
boiled boiled
dipped in salt dipped in salt
29 Apple device? 29 Apple device? 30 Bones, perhaps
valley valley
a way
16 Steering system
50 __ Rachel Wood 50 __ Rachel Wood of “Westworld”
water water
30 Bones, perhaps 34 Critique of an
121 Wall St. index, 121 Wall St. index,
16 Steering system part
of “Westworld” 52 Tot’s transport 52 Tot’s transport
81 Boorish 81 Boorish
Wasikowska 114 Triangular sail 114 Triangular sail
34 Critique of an
familiarly familiarly
17 Threaded
83 “Little Girls” 83 “Little Girls”
115 British singer 115 British singer
overstuffed overstuffed
122 Like some rom- 122 Like some rom-
17 Threaded
53 Alley assignment 53 Alley assignment
musical Rita musical Rita
pillow? pillow?
coms coms
fasteners fasteners
54 Like soufflés 54 Like soufflés
84 Took care of 84 Took care of
116 Big __: London 116 Big __: London
38 Advance 38 Advance
123 Goes 123 Goes
18 Thirst (for) 18 Thirst (for)
55 Lip 55 Lip
dinner, say dinner, say
landmark landmark
39 Vientiane 39 Vientiane
96 Not quite the worst grade
airer airer
30 Full of gossip 31 Doing a
119 Bagpiper’s garb
letters 112 “Yo”
    language language
41 Tirades 41 Tirades
42 Floor 42 Floor
43 “Gosh!” 43 “Gosh!”
46 Toi et moi 46 Toi et moi
47 Scriptures 47 Scriptures
published in a published in a
garage? garage?
51 Vexes 51 Vexes
56 Casual 56 Casual
agreement agreement
57 Fish bait 57 Fish bait
58 Nobelist Pavlov 58 Nobelist Pavlov
60 Some Indian 60 Some Indian
music music
61 Heredity unit 61 Heredity unit
62 Anglican 62 Anglican
mminiinsitseter r 6464PPorocrhchseseaatsts 666HHeaedaldinlinee
ananonuonuncicningg aagegneenerorouuss
B Bu t u t et t r e b r ba al l l l dodnoantaiotionnbbyyaann OOscsacrarwwininneer?r?
7272SSnonbobibsihsh 7373AAspsepcetct 7474TaThaihtitsi wsweeetietie 7575AAthtlhelteicticteteaar r
spsoptost,s,fofor rshshoortrt 7676CCaranrinviaval rlidridee
dedsetsintianatiotionn 777SSchcihsimsmreresusultslts 7979CCoronrenrerPPCCkekeyy 8282CCauasueseoof fsosommee
dedlealyasys 8585AAll-lcl-lcelaear r
a na n n on uo nu nc ec emme en nt t nenaerarththee CCololsoseseuumm??
8989TiTkikakammaasasalala brberaedad
9191LeLaesatstlikliekelylytoto bebefofuonundd
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