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use the
loops on the
ribbon for
counting and
spacing apart your stitches.
You will start sewing from about an inch away from the ends of the ribbon stack. Pierce the needle from below the ribbon stack. Come up in the center of the picot-edged ribbon and lined up with one loop.
5 Count 3 more loops then
bring the
needle up
through the
ribbons at the fourth loop.
Continue steps 5 and 6, sewing a running stitch through the ribbons.
As you sew, carefully push the sewn ribbons down onto the thread.
7 When you are finished sewing the length of the lei, continue
to shape the spiral of the lei. Bring the end together and
tie securely. Cut off excess thread and ribbon.
3 more
loops and then
pierce the nee-
dle back down
in the center of
the ribbon at the fourth loop.
down the
thread, start
to carefully arrange the ribbon ruffles to spiral.
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the lei. As you push the sewn ribbons
Add a ribbon
bow over the knotted ends.
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