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   A lexander Tominsky, 31, of Philadelphia invited the public to assemble and watch him eat an entire rotisserie chicken —forthe40thdayinarow, The New York Times report-
No Chickening Out: Man Consumes 40th Bird
make others smile. After 40 days of cramping and bloat- ing, Tominsky was looking forward to a sushi dinner.
up in the supermarket park- ing lot. The new task force’s main goal is protecting the animals from injury or death.
hospice nurse at Spring Val- ley Health and Rehab Center, where she cared for a patient suffering from severe frost- bite on his feet.
Dubbed “The Chicken
The Bold Herd
  Man,” Tominsky placed fli- ers around Philly to advertise his consumption of the 40th bird, and dozens of people showed up at a pier on the Delaware River on Nov. 6 to watch.
The town of Llandudno in Wales has resorted to setting up a task force to address one of its most pressing prob- lems: marauding goats.
The goats are descen- dants of those presented to the town by Queen Victoria about 100 years ago.
   “Eat that bird!” they chanted. And he did. Why? He told the Times that much of the world is in pain, so he needed to do something painful to himself that would
According to Metro news- paper, the Kashmini moun- tain goats, which normally reside on the Great Orme headland near the town, got bold during the pandemic — moving into the community, eating hedges, sleeping in bus shelters and mixing it
Look Out For The Goats!
Bad Nursing
Mary Brown, 38, of Durand, Wisconsin, was charged with physical abuse of an elder person after she performed surgery on a man under her care, WQOW-TV reported.
Brown’s family reportedly has a taxidermy shop where she intended to display the foot with a sign saying, “Wear your boots, kids.”
In other Weird happen- ings:
“We should be very proud to have these wonderful an- imals on our doorstep,” said councillor Geoff Stewart.
On May 27, Brown took it upon herself to remove the victim’s right foot — with- out a doctor’s order or per- mission. Another nurse, who held the victim’s hand during the procedure, said he was moaning and squeezing her hand, and he told yet another nurse that he felt everything, and it hurt bad.
Brown was working as a
She is due in court Dec. 6.
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