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   RELEASE DATE—Sunday, November 20, 2022 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, November 20, 2022
The week will deliver more lucky opportunities. The secret is to take those opportunities and make them huge successes. The time is now. Go for it.
This week, anything having to do with your home life suddenly seems much more enjoyable to you, Sagittarius. If you are planning any project or reunion, this is the time to get into the planning of it. That means any redecoration, refreshing or even moving. Luck and opportunity both knock. Answer the door of your choice.
As profound and compelling as your speech usually is, Capricorn, you
can now really wow the crowd with your opinions and oratory. You have expansive ideas that not only change the landscape but also change minds. This is a rare gift, so think about what you want to say and find the right audience to share it with.
If money has been on your mind recently, you are now ready to suc- cessfully make much more of it. Lucky breaks seem to gravitate toward you, Aquarius, and your ability to grow a money tree from a small seed is almost guaranteed. Do the necessary research and carefully plot your fiscal ascent. Share it once you’ve got it.
Pisces are in the center of all of the action and love it. Not only do people gravitate into your social orbit, but you also draw them even closer to your center of gravity. Choose your audience wisely among those who can really help you in the coming months. Luck is on your side, but a little strategic maneuvering also helps.
Whatever secrets that have been swirling behind the scenes or whoever has been plotting behind your back is now exposed. That means you can take action to correct anything that has been vexing you and holding you back from your goals. Be aware of your surroundings, Aries, and use every opportunity to gain the advantage.
Friends not only give you greater support, but they also lead you to magnificent and profitable experiences. You have some impressive plans and also have the wherewithal to make anything happen. Embrace your social circle, Taurus, and see who is who, what is what, and how to bring everything and everyone all together.
Whatever has been going on in your career that has been holding you back suddenly gives way and enables you to take huge steps forward. Now might be a great time to launch whatever big ideas and long-term plans you have. Form your strategy, take a few calculated risks and set your compass to success, Gemini.
You are ready to make your mark on the world, Cancer. That means that any travel plans you have can easily go forward and any global efforts you want to undertake have an excellent chance of succeeding. The path to greatness is there for you should you decide to take it. Otherwise, just relax and enjoy life with a vacation.
Deep psychological issues seem to solve themselves and pass from your “to-do” list, Leo. The possible tumult of the past is starting to abate. The time to explore more interesting and profound life subjects is there, as is the possibility of ramping up the intensity of your love life. All can be even more satisfying. How to choose?
Connection is paramount to you, Virgo. In the recent past, certain relation- ships might have had their confusing moments or times of stress. It has been hard to figure out others’ motivations. Now it seems as if a cloud has lifted and you can become even closer with others. Enjoy the moments of camaraderie.
If you have been feeling sluggish or low energy, you might feel a surge of oomph and feeling of strength. That is because certain stressful elements in your life could be passing and ending. Libras need balance and harmo- ny. Now, it is much easier to achieve that. Enjoy the mellowness and find ways of prolonging it.
There is now more time to relax and have fun, Scorpio. It seems that external forces designed to pile on the work have now moved on. Great! Tap into your more creative urges and make something beautiful and memorable. You might also find more ways to relax than you first thought. Find a party and hang out.
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
 Edited by Patti Varol and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Patti Varol and Joyce Nichols Lewis
94 Reason for
130 Thompson of
14 Hold in high 55 Permanent 93
Setting of the
94 Reason for celeb damage
130 Thompson of “Westworld”
14 Hold in high 55 Permanent 93 regard mark
Setting of the Sandra Bullock
celeb damage control
“Westworld” 131 Director Coen
regard mark
15 Successful 57 Business trip 15 Successful 57 Business trip
Sandra Bullock film “Gravity” film “Gravity” Talk trash about Talk trash about 81-Down order 81-Down order Oil producer? Oil producer? Fragrant shrubs Fragrant shrubs Pain in the neck Pain in the neck Nebraska Nebraska natives
96 Choice on a
131 Director Coen 132 Where el sol
prankster’s cry allowance 95 prankster’s cry allowance 95 16 Gave up, in a 59 Stubbs of the 98 16 Gave up, in a 59 Stubbs of the 98 way Four Tops 100 way Four Tops 100 17 States as fact 60 Roar __ Roar: 101 17 States as fact 60 Roar __ Roar: 101 20 Camper’s fuel “Monsters 104 20 Camper’s fuel “Monsters 104 24 Digressions University” frat 105 24 Digressions University” frat 105
96 Choice on a color chart
132 Where el sol rises
ACROSS ACROSS 1 “Is anybody
color chart 97 Like a play
rises 133 Colorful
1 “Is anybody here?”
97 Like a play about a play
133 Colorful salamander
6 “Get outta here!”
about a play 99 Often-ignored
salamander 134 Put into storage
6 “Get outta here!” 10 Box office
99 Often-ignored email
134 Put into storage 135 Entertainer’s
10 Box office receipts
email 102 Not so hot
135 Entertainer’s crew
26 Doubleheader 62 Negga of 26 Doubleheader 62 Negga of
“They outplayed “They outplayed us”
us” Consecutively Consecutively Like the most Like the most clear sky
clear sky
Monte __ Monte __ sandwich sandwich Actress
Actress Witherspoon Witherspoon Promo pro Promo pro Triangular Triangular shoulder shoulder muscle, for muscle, for short
14 People with all-
102 Not so hot
103 “For You” singer
half “Passing” 106 half “Passing” 106
14 People with all- access passes
103 “For You” singer Rita
29 Corp. shuffling 64 Med. specialty 29 Corp. shuffling 64 Med. specialty
access passes 18 Short and sweet
104 “__ about that!”
1 Spelman, e.g.: 1 Spelman, e.g.:
32 Catches some 66 Taj Mahal city 108 32 Catches some 66 Taj Mahal city 108 rays 68 __ food 109 rays 68 __ food 109
18 Short and sweet 107 Private place?
19 Head lights? 110 Some PwC 19 Head lights? 110 Some PwC
2 God with wings 2 God with wings
35 Target field movement 35 Target field movement
21 “Really?” employees 21 “Really?” employees
3 Peru’s largest 3 Peru’s largest
36 __ Field: Mets 70 Komodo 110 36 __ Field: Mets 70 Komodo 110
22 Taquería freebie 111 League for 22 Taquería freebie 111 League for
city city
ballpark dragon, e.g. ballpark dragon, e.g.
23 Park place? Guardians and 23 Park place? Guardians and
4 Madagascar 4 Madagascar
37 Unknown 71 “Thereabouts” 112 37 Unknown 71 “Thereabouts” 112
25 Busy place? Angels 25 Busy place? Angels
primates primates
author, for short 72 Jay of “The author, for short 72 Jay of “The
27 Patriotic chant 113 __-Alt-Del 27 Patriotic chant 113 __-Alt-Del
5 Functional 5 Functional
38 Safe place? Green Hornet” 115 38 Safe place? Green Hornet” 115 40 Bitterly regrets 74 Answer an invite 118 40 Bitterly regrets 74 Answer an invite 118
28 Hangout for hog 114 Go a few 28 Hangout for hog 114 Go a few
6 __ shed 6 __ shed
lovers lovers
rounds rounds
7 Pasta or bread, 7 Pasta or bread,
41 Support group? 41 Support group?
75 “No __!”: “Sure 75 “No __!”: “Sure
30 Shots on the 30 Shots on the
116 Closer’s goal 116 Closer’s goal 117 Wasn’t honest
e.g., for short e.g., for short
44 Secured in a 44 Secured in a
thing!” thing!”
green green
117 Wasn’t honest 120 Translator’s
8 In a partnership 8 In a partnership
slip slip
78 Steamy 78 Steamy
31 Cost of living? 31 Cost of living?
120 Translator’s challenges
9 Rested a while 9 Rested a while
47 “Semper Fidelis” 47 “Semper Fidelis”
81 Baked dessert 81 Baked dessert
119 Monterrey jack? 119 Monterrey jack? 121 Sounds amazed 121 Sounds amazed
33 To be, in 33 To be, in Marseilles
10 Disco family 10 Disco family
group group
84 All-Star side
124 Last place? 124 Last place?
50 Lady Justice’s 50 Lady Justice’s
86 Tibetan priest 86 Tibetan priest
34 They could use 34 They could use
126 Remote place? 126 Remote place?
11 Totally relaxed 11 Totally relaxed
garb garb
88 Surrounding 88 Surrounding
curators curators
a welcome sight a welcome sight
128 Girl 128 Girl
12 Steering system 12 Steering system
52 Sleeveless top, 52 Sleeveless top,
vibe vibe
123 Levelheaded 123 Levelheaded
36 Hailed wheels 36 Hailed wheels
129 One with star 129 One with star
parts parts
briefly briefly
89 Tazo products 89 Tazo products
125 Foil metal, once 125 Foil metal, once
39 First place? 39 First place?
power power
13 Key hit in panic 13 Key hit in panic
54 Sesame place? 54 Sesame place?
91 Careless 91 Careless
127 Pussy foot 127 Pussy foot
42 Bother 42 Bother
104 “__ about that!”
Abbr. Abbr.
Private place?
name name
84 All-Star side
122 Degs. for 122 Degs. for
  43 “Barefoot 43 “Barefoot
  Contessa” host Contessa” host
Garten Garten
44 List that may 44 List that may
drop down or drop down or
pop up pop up
45 __ West-Allen: 45 __ West-Allen:
“The Flash” “The Flash”
character character
46 Sunflower part 46 Sunflower part
48 Semi unit 48 Semi unit
49 Beginning stage 49 Beginning stage
51 The Vitamin 51 The Vitamin
Shoppe rival Shoppe rival
53 Many Mecca 53 Many Mecca
residents residents
56 Calligrapher’s 56 Calligrapher’s
cocnotnatianineer r 5858AAriari,a, .
6161DDrersesseseennoonn InIdnidainanrurunnwwaaysys
6363MMaraartahthoonn, ,ee.g.g. . 6565VViciece___ 6767PPrerceicoiuoussrorockcsks 6969DDufufeffre’sr’sddoo-o-ovever r 7171WWorodrsdsoof f
emempaptahthyy 7373HHaradrdpplalacece?? 7676CChehmemiciacallylly
iniancatcivtieve 777QQuiuvievresrsininfefeaar r 7979CComompoposeser r
SStrtarvaivninsksyky 8080EEyeyeshshaaddee 8282HHinidnuduspsprinringg
fefsetsivtiavlal 8383FFiviev-es-tsatar rereviveieww 8585MMil.ilt.rturuaannt t 8787VVoloklskwswaaggeenn
sesdeadnan 9090InIn__:_:bbeefoforere
bibrtirhth 9292FFauaxux___
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