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   A family is seeking to press charges against an un- named man who was briefly married to their mom in the 1970s, the New York Post re- ported. Their beef? Allegedly, the New Jersey man arrives at Linda Torello’s tombstone in Orangetown, New York, ear- ly almost every morning with his current wife in tow, where he urinates on her grave and sometimes leaves a bag of
Bitter Ex Marks The Spot At Tombstone
Torello died in 2017, ac-
Police have been unhelp- ful; Murphy said he’s called them three times and they won’t put him in touch with a detective.
Chase Gunnell with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife also noted that owls will typically hoot repeatedly before attacking.
 cording to her son, Michael Andrew Murphy, 43.
In April of this year, Mur- phy and his sister discovered a bag of poop and supposed a dog walker had dropped it.
In other Weird reports:
‘Owl’ Hell Just Broke Loose
When the second bag showed up, they called police. Then they went to work, setting up a trail camera that recorded the man’s visits, and on Sept. 18 took video with a cell- phone that identified him as Torello’s onetime husband.
SeaTac, Washington, are on high alert about a “very ag- gressive” owl at North SeaT- ac Park, KIRO-TV reported. The bird, likely a barred or great horned owl, hasn’t in- jured anyone, yet, but offi- cials say people visiting the park should “wave (their) arms slowly overhead to keep the birds at a distance. Oth- er protective actions include wearing a hat or helmet, or carrying an umbrella.”
Austin, Texas, neighborhood are driving residents crazy, KXAN-TV reported. The same people in the same car are hitting front stoops day and night, so a woman iden- tified only as Gabriela came up with a plan.
 “My sister was crying ... I was sick, I was so angry,” Murphy said. “No one in my family has had contact with him since 1976 or so.”
Her husband put a box of used, dirty diapers on the porch, and sure enough, “The same people came back and took the package,” she said. Unfortunately, they “came back and smeared those dia- pers on our front door. Thir- ty minutes later, they came back with a giant bag of cow manure. They spread that all over our front porch and on our cars in the driveway. I called the police, filed a re-
Bird Alert
More Poo Behavior
Residents of the city of
Porch pirates in a south
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