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 34 MIDWEEK OCTOBER 12, 2022
       RELEASE DATE—Sunday, October 9, 2022 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, October 9, 2022
The cosmos ramp up our passions this week and lead us enthusiastically into
heartfelt temptations. Let your heart lead and, as they say, go for it.
Money not only comes to you more easily now, Libra, but you also find ways of using it to spread your good vibes around. Be generous in how you use your finances and be cognizant of how you can continue to amass your fortune over time. Finding the right adviser and doing your own careful research guarantees future success.
You have so much charisma that you may not know how to best harness and use it, Scorpio. But I suspect you will know exactly when to turn it on. Find ways of expanding your world, moving into new social circles and generally consolidating your strengths to guarantee your future success. There will be help along the way.
There is something otherworldly about you, Sagittarius. Your intuitive gifts become even stronger and your charitable instincts move any good project one big step forward. Find ways to spread the good karma and de-stress situations. As for you personally, find ways to relax and maintain (or create) a stronger life balance.
Social outlets become much more important and successful for you, Capricorn. This requires a purposeful, concerted effort to energize your outreach and participation in a range of friendly interactions. You attract others like a magnet and can actually create your own special group of followers and pals.
Your professional path suddenly got easier and more successful, Aquarius. Whatever long-term plan you are working on finds the correct advisers and advocates. Focus on what you really want out of life and set out on your journey. There will be thrills and chills as you tackle issues and, in the end, you can attain any lofty goals.
This is a great time to expand your mind, experience new and exciting places, and generally get out of your routine. Pisces sometimes need an inspirational jolt. Now, you find that special stimuli that gets you off the couch and out of the house. Plan a great vacation, take a new course of study or just reach out to exotic folks.
Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling feistier than usual, Aries. You are full of pep and energy, and can focus on finding your perfect soul mate, whether they are with you in a current relationship or a new one. Whatever path you take, make sure that it is as wonderful as it can be in the long run as well as short term.
Relationships heat up to such an extent that you can almost predict the motivations and actions of another person. This dynamic can make for stronger relationships and deeper connections. See where you need oomph and where certain dynamics help push your connections to the next level, Taurus.
Geminis have a burst of positive energy coming their way. Be prepared to tackle anything and everything that has been sitting around for a while. Not only are you especially productive, but you are also more strategic. You find new ways to do things more efficiently. And if you need a helping hand, you find that too.
Party hearty, Cancer. You find that your ability to plan and deliver the perfect experience hits a high note. Allow your innate creativity to take you to new places and people who, in the long term, lead you to more relaxed and enjoyable outlets. This is the time for fun so try not to stress the small stuff or work too hard.
Focusing on family will not only give you greater satisfaction, but it can also improve the interactions between some of your more stressful rela- tions. You can spread the love and lower the volume, which makes you an important component in any domestic situation. Show your magnetism, Leo, and bring folks together.
Whatever you say, Virgo, will have an uncanny ability to change minds and move people with their emotions. You are especially eloquent, a bit intuitive and seem to know just which buttons to push in others to get them to see your way. Use this talent to improve the world, or at least your immediate neighborhood.
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Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
 Edited by Patti Varol and Joyce Nichols Lewis Answers are in the classifieds Edited by Patti Varol and Joyce Nichols Lewis
95 With 79-Across, 128 Grows old 95 With 79-Across, 128 Grows old
18 Tropical
55 “You __ what 86 Drink brand
drink with
18 Tropical hardwoods
55 “You __ what 86 Drink brand you sow” with a lizard
drink with tapioca pearls
hardwoods 24 “If u ask me”
you sow” with a lizard 60 “Let me clarify logo
tapioca pearls 96 Running wear?
1 H.S. exams
24 “If u ask me” 25 __ fly
60 “Let me clarify logo
... ” 87 Maria von __
1 Milk option 1 Milk option
96 Running wear? 98 Highest
1 H.S. exams 2 Meniscus
25 __ fly
30 Hem over, say
... ” 87 Maria von __ 62 Small sofa 88 Window part
5 Organs with the
5 Organs with the 102 Money made
smallest bones smallest bones
Money made
3 Country lodgings
33 Secular
34 Breaks up a 34 Breaks up a
64 “Illmatic” rapper 89 Shady one? 65 Takoma Park, 90 Persian in 65 Takoma Park, 90 Persian in
in the body in the body
by one with by one with
3 Country lodgings 4 European
plot, say
plot, say
35 Memo header
Md., region Mexico, e.g. Md., region Mexico, e.g. 66 When “Vissi 92 “Get over it” 66 When “Vissi 92 “Get over it”
9 Escapade 9 Escapade 14 Good point
a Messiah a Messiah
4 European microstate led by
14 Good point 19 __ Domini
complex? complex? 108 MLB family
microstate led by Prince Albert II
35 Memo header 36 Hutches
d’arte” is sung in 96 “Get Out” genre d’arte” is sung in 96 “Get Out” genre
19 __ Domini 20 Grad
108 MLB family name
Prince Albert II 5 Enter with
36 Hutches
37 “M*A*S*H” star
39-Down 97 Fiber __ 39-Down 97 Fiber __
20 Grad
21 Old-timey truth
name 109 Wine from
5 Enter with caution
37 “M*A*S*H” star 38 Hideouts
68 Seehorn of 99 Ineffective 68 Seehorn of 99 Ineffective “Better Call period “Better Call period
21 Old-timey truth 22 “You win!”
109 Wine from Douro
6 Chamonix
38 Hideouts
39 “Vissi d’arte” 39 “Vissi d’arte”
22 “You win!” 23 Love letters
Douro 110 Rio maker
6 Chamonix backdrop
opera opera
Saul” 100 Stack Saul” 100 Stack
69 Sound from a 101 Ital. peak 69 Sound from a 101 Ital. peak
23 Love letters between Andre
110 Rio maker 111 Reached by
7 Sub-suburban
44 Sign for a 44 Sign for a
between Andre Agassi and
111 Reached by plane
7 Sub-suburban 8 Great __
packed house packed house
steeple 102 Screwball steeple 102 Screwball
Agassi and Steffi Graf?
115 Moved to a
8 Great __ Mountains
45 French 45 French
70 Beige hue comedy 70 Beige hue comedy 71 Fashion 103 Hilo hello
Steffi Graf? 26 Word repeated
115 Moved to a better fishing
Mountains 9 Snake also
affirmative affirmative
71 Fashion 103 Hilo hello designer Vera 104 Celebrity chef designer Vera 104 Celebrity chef
26 Word repeated in a Culture
better fishing spot, maybe
9 Snake also known as Naja
46 Surroundings 46 Surroundings
in a Culture Club song
spot, maybe 117 Excited cry
known as Naja haje
47 “Groo the 47 “Groo the Wanderer”
72 Together, DiSpirito 72 Together, DiSpirito
Club song 27 Halvah flavor
117 Excited cry when Alabama
10 Neither’s partner
Wanderer” cartoonist cartoonist Aragonés
musically 105 MMA call musically 105 MMA call
73 “This is your 106 Piebald horse
27 Halvah flavor 28 Letters before a
when Alabama pulled even in
10 Neither’s partner 11 Play the
73 “This is your 106 Piebald horse only chance” 107 1:1, for one only chance” 107 1:1, for one
28 Letters before a handle
pulled even in the big game?
11 Play the recorder,
48 __ Rachel Wood
handle 29 Type of lift
the big game? 121 Sound from a
recorder, perhaps
48 __ Rachel Wood of “Westworld”
of “Westworld”
76 Mystery writer 112 “Wonder 76 Mystery writer 112 “Wonder
29 Type of lift 31 Glance
121 Sound from a steeple
12 “Brace yourself
Marsh Woman 1984” Marsh Woman 1984”
31 Glance
32 Hot food served
steeple 122 __ butter
12 “Brace yourself for heavy news”
49 Text command 49 Text command 51 Forces that act 51 Forces that act
77 Irish capital actress Kristen 77 Irish capital actress Kristen 81 Interior 113 French noodle 81 Interior 113 French noodle
32 Hot food served 123 Weymouth of
extra cold? extra cold?
Weymouth of
13 Inexpensive 14 Puffin kin
on water?
on water?
52 Perfect places
Secretary 114 Words of Secretary 114 Words of
37 City east of 37 City east of
Talking Heads Talking Heads
14 Puffin kin
15 Podded plant
Haaland appreciation Haaland appreciation
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
124 Nick at __ 124 Nick at __
15 Podded plant 16 Hours reduced
52 Perfect places 53 “The Walking 53 “The Walking
82 Mahershala of 116 Sofa bed site 82 Mahershala of 116 Sofa bed site “Green Book” 118 Stock quote? “Green Book” 118 Stock quote?
40 Force on Earth 40 Force on Earth
125 All gone 125 All gone
16 Hours reduced by unplugging
Dead” actor Dead” actor
41 Spotted 41 Spotted
126 Director Welles 126 Director Welles
by unplugging
Steven Steven
84 “Wanna know a 119 __ Francisco 84 “Wanna know a 119 __ Francisco
42 Vientiane 42 Vientiane
127 “The Addams 127 “The Addams
17 Composer 17 Composer
54 Pineapple center 54 Pineapple center
secret?” 120 Tats secret?” 120 Tats
language language
Family” adjective Family” adjective
Bernstein Bernstein
98 Highest
2 Meniscus location
30 Hem over, say 33 Secular
62 Small sofa 88 Window part 64 “Illmatic” rapper 89 Shady one?
122 __ butter
for heavy news” 13 Inexpensive
  43 Chemical 43 Chemical
  relative relative
47 Lawmaking 47 Lawmaking
bodies bodies
50 Cast members 50 Cast members
who may sing who may sing
“Under the Sea” “Under the Sea”
at sea? at sea?
56 “__ been 56 “__ been
thinking ... ” thinking ... ”
57 “Wreck-It Ralph” 57 “Wreck-It Ralph”
setting setting
58 Museum 58 Museum
hanging hanging
59 Not ’neath 59 Not ’neath
60 Supermodel 60 Supermodel
with a Global with a Global
Chic collection Chic collection
ononHHSSNN 6161“W“Weeneneeddhheelplp!”!” 6363LiLkiekeRRooyy
BBiainacnacaDDeel Rl Rioio 666CChahnagnege
6767MMusuisciacal l cocmompoposistiotionntoto mmedeidtaitatetetoto??
7171WWalaklsksininththee shsahlalollwowss 7474MMileilyeyCCyryurus’s’s
“P“Paratrytyinin___” ” 7575FFueulerlaratintingg 7878FFlalpasps 7979SSeee9595-A-Acrcorosss 8080NNuturtitriotionnfigfig. . 8383CChehcekckoouut,t,ininaa
wwayay 8585CConovnevnent t
rerseisdiednent t 8686RRanasnascakckththee
OOprpyr?y? 9191GGrorwowreresesenntftuful l 9393SSauaduid_i __ 9494AApplpelepplalatfotformrm
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