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            ASupply And Demand
What’s your Chinese zodiac sign?
    fter putting away all of our holiday decorations, I started to note the accumulation of stuff that we seemed to have stockpiled in recent years. It’s not
exactly hoarding, although most of it is junk. OK, I guess it is hoarding.
I actually prefer to define the situation as having an over-accumulation of things which have only a single use at any one time. And while none of it is highly valuable, we can’t seem to throw the excess away.
That’s because this theory of life kicks in: “As soon as I throw it away, I’m going to need it.” Here is a list of the stuff in my house that I’m taking about:
Registered Nurse, ‘Aiea
“I’m a rabbit, and yes it suits me. I usually leave a good impression on others, but I’m quite cautious about letting anyone in my inner circle.”
Engineer, Waipahu
“My Chinese zodiac sign is the snake, which is described to be wise, humorous and calm. Matches me perfectly.”
Wellness Practitioner, Salt Lake
“Year of the Snake people are wise and charming, and they love giving advice. I feel like these characteristics resonate with me more because my career is based on advising people.”
DJ, Salt Lake
“I’m the Year of the Gold Rooster, and I feel like all the characteristics match my personality.”
1) Water/drink flasks. It all started with Hydro Flasks, evolved into Yeti and now there is every cheap knock-off in the book. A few years ago, it was a popular gift item, although today it has been replaced with scented candles.
2) Just like flasks, the new drinking vessels are those plas- tic cups that have their own reusable plastic or metal straws. Our daughter has a million of them. I know this because I’ve counted them in the sink to be washed.
3) Reusable shopping bags. We stockpiled these when they first eliminated plastic bags. Then the virus hit and their sanitary status was in question. We’re holding on to them until the pandemic is over in 2056.
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         Are You A Server Or A Saver?
I’ve noticed some people see themselves as “serv- ing” others, when in fact they are really “saving” them at their own expense. Being of “service” to a friend, an organization or a cause does not mean you pour so much energy into them that it drains your life force. I think “savers” developed a savior complex in childhood as a way to receive love by learning that, “I have value, only if I have value to you.”
  How would one shift this? I’ve found that if you mindfully turn the focus toward saving yourself, the less you’ll feel the need to save others. Further, the more you are able to serve others from a place of love and compassion rather than from an internal void that’s looking for external validation, you move toward a more equal exchange of energy.
        4) Zippy’s takeout food containers. These have replaced all the Tupperware products in our home. I actually consider it to be our “good china.”
5) Rubber bands from my Sunday Honolulu Star-Adver- tiser delivery. Stockpiling those was a habit I learned from my mother. She put a rubber band around her big toe at night to prevent foot cramps. Not that I do that, but I’m ready if that ever happens.
6) One thing I don’t have in my house is a bottle of ketch- up. That’s because I have a ton of those ketchup packets you get from the fast food drive-thrus for your fries. Uh, same goes for taco hot sauce.
7) I get a lot of mail solicitations from organizations re- questing donations. They guilt me into it by sending me personalized return address labels. Dang it, those things are handy but I can’t keep them unless I make a donation. It just wouldn’t feel right.
8) Speaking of mail solicitations, we have a collection of mini recipe books and cards from our local legislators. They’re refreshed every election year.
9) We have a drawer full of those plastic clips that are attached to Mylar balloons to keep them from floating away. To me, they are quite valuable. I use them to keep my bags of Doritos closed.

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