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February 2, 2022 MIDWEEK 3
Bi-monthly, Saturdays, 9:00am –11:45am
(for residential waste only and by appointment only)
NEXT DROP-OFF EVENTS: Saturday, March 12, 2022 Saturday, May 14, 2022
Call 768-3201 before Friday, March 4, and Friday, May 6, respectively, to set up an appointment to drop off items at the hazardous waste facility hosting the event.
Below are examples of the type of items accepted at the household hazardous waste events. Be prepared with an inventory list of items and quantities. Only items registered during the appointment process will be accepted on the day of the event. Businesses must contact State of Hawaii, Department of Health.
Boric Acid Chlordane Compact Fluorescent Lights DDT
Diesel Fuel Fertilizer Fluorescent Tubes
Formaldehyde Gasoline Herbicides Hydrochloric Acid Insecticides Kerosene
Lighter Fluid Malathion Mercury Muriatic Acid Oven Cleaner
Paint-Aluminum Paint-Lead
Paint Stripper Paint Thinner Paraquat Pentachlorophenol Paris Green
Photo Chemicals Rust Remover Solvents Turpentine Varathane
Wood Preservatives
• Remain in vehicle. Guidelines • Mask recommended.
• Social distancing encouraged. • Follow staff’s instructions.
 SAFELY DISPOSE ON YOUR OWN in small quantities. For more items, go to
ABSORB/TRASH Pour liquid into a plastic bag with absorbents, such as shredded newspaper, old rags or sawdust. Once liquid is absorbed, seal the bag, then dispose in trash can. An oil change box provides same results. Paints can be dried in the can, and then trashed.
AEROSOLS Place absorbent material and the spray can in a plastic bag. Close the bag, find the spray nozzle from outside the bag and spray the contents until empty. Dispose with trash.
Drop off at City Convenience Centers or select Transfer Stations.
    - Antifreeze
- Brake Fluid
- Cooking Oil
- Floor Care Products - Furniture Polish
- Lubricants
- Motor Oil
- Paint (water and oil based)
- Primer (water and oil based)
- Transmission Fluid - Varnish
- Stains
Return to retailer or drop off at City Convenience Centers or select Transfer Stations. Auto battery retailers are required by law to accept old batteries when you purchase a new one. For excess batteries, ask retailers if they will accept additional quantities.
TRASH CAN Securely close product lid to prevent spillage, then dispose in trash. Wrap light bulbs in paper before disposal.
    FLUSH DOWN DRAIN Flush down household drain with plenty of water; dispose of empty container with trash.
- Aluminum Cleaners
- Ammonia Cleaners
- Bathroom/Household Cleaners
- Disinfectants
- Drain Cleaners
- Hair Permanent Lotions/Relaxers
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- Auto Repair Products
- Alkaline Batteries-Household - Disinfecting Wipes
- Disposable Gloves
- Fiberglass
Rick Blangiardi, Mayor
Paid for by the taxpayers of the City & County of Honolulu
- Light Bulbs (non-CFL)
- Metal Polish with Solvent - Shoe Polish
- Single Use Face Masks
      City Household Hazardous Waste Information Line 768-3201 • Emergencies call 911 •

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