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We begin to communicate more effectively this week. Is there something on your mind? Share it with others. Now folks can hear you loud and clear.
If a little voice in your head is telling you something, you may want to listen, Aquarius. Sometimes your intuition is off and sometimes it is on. Your mission is to see what is real and what is not. Be very selective in what you believe and check all sources to be sure it is not propaganda. When in doubt, pull back and meditate. Calm wins over the storm.
Friends gather around you and seek your company and participation. What can you plan for them, Pisces? See how you can expand your social circle and bring folks together for fun activities. Your mind is sharp and your imagina- tion is bright. You can bring new and interesting people into your orbit who improve your life and outlook.
If you have some clever thoughts about what is going on in your career, now is the time to express yourself, Aries. There is something you can say that will change the course of events to a much more stable and productive place. Think carefully of exactly what to say and how to best express yourself. Then, let your opinions flow.
Your mind is particularly active and expansive now, Taurus. Nothing prevents you from planning the perfect getaway. See where you want to go, what stimulates your imagination and what brings your heart joy. Then set off on a vast adventure that gets you into a new mindset. Wow!
If your head is filled with love and a bit of lust, let it expand and blossom. Geminis can be very flirtatious and now you know exactly what to say to get your intended lover exactly where you want them. Be persuasive, pleasant and, if you need to, platonic. Things can grow from there and develop into something deep and meaningful.
Open up the lines of communication in certain partnerships, Cancer, and see how strong the bonds can become. If you feel that there are areas of tension, you may want to address it now. Others are not great at reading your mind so a careful and diplomatic conversation is the way to go. Before you know it, the two of you are stronger than ever.
There are so many little job projects sitting on your desk, it might be hard to decide which ones to tackle first. But Leos are resourceful and clever. Now, you can fully concentrate on what needs to be done and what the priorities are. If you need any help, you find the right words to convince others to pitch in. Some call this leadership skills.
There is fun in store for Virgos who want to concentrate on the planning and a bit of the execution for social events. You might have to get things started and help others along, but it can soon become a group effort that not only makes others happy but also builds a great team for any future festivities.
Family matters may need your clever touch, Libra. What can you say to others that bring people together and make them feel like part of the team? I know you will find the right words at the right time. The secret is to first lis- ten carefully to others and then find common ground to begin negotiations. You can master this skill and control the dynamic.
Not only are you magnetic and compelling, but you also have great timing to share your opinions so that others take notice and comply. Don’t waste this talent, Scorpio. Find the ways and wherefores to spread your great ideas and make your life and the lives of others better. Will you run for political office or volunteer for a good cause? Your choice.
Your financial acumen is in top form, Sagittarius. Not only can you do the necessary research to make your small pot of gold a little larger, but you might also be able to advise others. But take calculated risks and don’t over stretch as you stretch you knowledge with good research. Small steps can bring big results and a cushy retirement.
As you enter the center of all attention, will you know just what to do and say to get what you want? It seems so, Capricorn. So, think about what you want to achieve in the next few months and figure out the steps you need to take to make it all happen. Then, share your plans with carefully selected others and see how they can best help you.
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       RELEASE DATE—Sunday, January 30, 2022 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, January 30, 2022
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
 Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
Answers are in the classifieds
96 Whole lot
2 “Chestnuts
33 __ Palace:
58 Mgr.’s second- 86 Some NCOs
96 Whole lot 97 Major curves
2 “Chestnuts roasting ...”
33 __ Palace: castle on the
58 Mgr.’s second- 86 Some NCOs in-command 87 Arafat’s gp.,
97 Major curves on a mountain
roasting ...” co-writer
castle on the Portuguese
in-command 87 Arafat’s gp., 59 Wintry strains once
on a mountain road?
3 Exam no-nos
Portuguese Riviera
59 Wintry strains once
61 California’s San 89 Group for ex-GIs
1 Hankered (for)
101 Record speeds,
3 Exam no-nos
4 Tony winner who
34 Word with white
61 California’s San 89 Group for ex-GIs __ Obispo 90 Brings forth
1 Hankered (for) 7 Honi’s comics
101 Record speeds, for short
4 Tony winner who portrayed TV’s
34 Word with white or cream
__ Obispo 90 Brings forth 62 Part of MIT: Abbr. 91 Recycling 62 Part of MIT: Abbr. 91 Recycling
7 Honi’s comics dad
for short
103 “__ Smile”: Hall
portrayed TV’s Barney Miller
or cream
35 “America’s __ 35 “America’s __
63 Fix receptacle 63 Fix receptacle
dad 12 Jungian
103 “__ Smile”: Hall & Oates hit
Barney Miller 5 Vogue
Talent” Talent”
65 “The most 92 How deals are 65 “The most 92 How deals are striking figure in usually sealed striking figure in usually sealed
12 Jungian concerns
& Oates hit 107 Park way
5 Vogue alternative
37 Legal gp. 37 Legal gp.
19 Ricky Martin’s
107 Park way
108 Scott of “Hawaii
alternative 6 __ gratias
39 Ready 39 Ready
Starkfield,” in a 94 Kissing at the Starkfield,” in a 94 Kissing at the
19 Ricky Martin’s surname, by
108 Scott of “Hawaii Five-0”
6 __ gratias
7 Use to conceal,
40 One way to 40 One way to
Wharton classic bar, briefly Wharton classic bar, briefly
66 Twelve, half the 95 Hit the jackpot 66 Twelve, half the 95 Hit the jackpot time 97 Protestant time 97 Protestant
surname, by birth
Five-0” 109 “Oh”
7 Use to conceal, as a bed
crack crack
21 Mindless
109 “Oh”
110 Statehouse
as a bed 8 Added
41 “You found the 41 “You found the right person”
21 Mindless 22 Stuffed meat
110 Statehouse official: Abbr.
8 Added conditions
right person”
42 Patti Tavatanakit 42 Patti Tavatanakit
67 African antelope denom. 67 African antelope denom. 68 Polished off 98 Group of
22 Stuffed meat dish
official: Abbr. 111 At Notre Dame,
9 Chicken, in a
68 Polished off 98 Group of 69 Alpine lake experts 69 Alpine lake experts
23 Fraudulent
111 At Notre Dame, say
9 Chicken, in a Cantonese dish
was its Rookie was its Rookie
23 Fraudulent budget increase
113 Ocean trip for
Cantonese dish 10 Wilson of Heart
of the Year for of the Year for
70 Weena’s race, in 99 Geek Squad 70 Weena’s race, in 99 Geek Squad
budget increase for cleaning
113 Ocean trip for relationship
10 Wilson of Heart 11 Saskatchewan
2021: Abbr. 2021: Abbr.
43 Jazz pianist __ 43 Jazz pianist __
a Wells classic member, for a Wells classic member, for
for cleaning supplies?
relationship strengthening?
11 Saskatchewan capital
71 IRS agent short 71 IRS agent short
supplies? 25 Together
strengthening? 117 Saw-toothed
12 What a chair
Jamal Jamal
74 Bit of talk show 100 Burns a little 74 Bit of talk show 100 Burns a little self-promotion 102 Parts of gigs self-promotion 102 Parts of gigs 75 One may fall 104 Word from a 75 One may fall 104 Word from a
25 Together 26 Walk in the
117 Saw-toothed 118 Strand at a
12 What a chair does
45 Quarterback 45 Quarterback
26 Walk in the park, say
118 Strand at a chalet, say
13 Spoken sounds
Rodgers Rodgers
park, say 27 Ending with
chalet, say 119 More frivolous
13 Spoken sounds 14 “Delish!”
46 Soften 46 Soften
over a crowd coach over a crowd coach
27 Ending with neur-
119 More frivolous 120 Like a best
14 “Delish!”
15 Simple fastener
47 One-named 47 One-named
76 Something 105 Where to find 76 Something 105 Where to find
28 Role for Ingrid
120 Like a best friend
15 Simple fastener 16 “__ mañana”
body-image body-image
specific, words for words specific, words for words
28 Role for Ingrid 30 False __
friend 121 One of the
16 “__ mañana” 17 Car that didn’t
advocate advocate
informally 106 Label giant informally 106 Label giant
79 Heels 109 “Gotcha, man” 79 Heels 109 “Gotcha, man”
30 False __ 31 Lucie’s dad
121 One of the Allman
17 Car that didn’t go far
48 Sesame __ 48 Sesame __
31 Lucie’s dad 32 Start of a
Allman Brothers
go far
18 Percolates
51 Bulb measure 51 Bulb measure
80 Showing 110 Loaf 80 Showing 110 Loaf
32 Start of a Brothers classic dramatic 122 Lots
18 Percolates
20 Precise location
52 Nightly news 52 Nightly news
support for 112 Pop’s Carly __ support for 112 Pop’s Carly __
classic dramatic 122 Lots
20 Precise location 24 Moving
figure figure
81 Take a limo, say Jepsen 81 Take a limo, say Jepsen
question question
DOWN DOWN 1 Boast in a
24 Moving
29 Pres. or CEO
56 Where it all 56 Where it all
83 Special 114 Text-scanning 83 Special 114 Text-scanning
33 Those waiting for 33 Those waiting for
29 Pres. or CEO 32 Fed. anti-
started started
occasion service tech. occasion service tech.
Facebook friend Facebook friend
1 Boast in a 1987 Michael
32 Fed. anti- discrimination
57 One side of an 57 One side of an
84 Sofia’s home: 115 Called before 84 Sofia’s home: 115 Called before
acceptance? acceptance?
1987 Michael Jackson hit
issue issue
Abbr. 116 Limo passenger Abbr. 116 Limo passenger
36 Iain’s negative 36 Iain’s negative
Jackson hit
org. org.
38 Concerning 38 Concerning
    40 Pre-flight 40 Pre-flight
pandemonium? pandemonium?
44 Big spreads 44 Big spreads
49 Challenge, as 49 Challenge, as
testimony testimony
50 Air issues org. 50 Air issues org.
51 “I knew it __ you” 51 “I knew it __ you”
53 “Oy vey!” 53 “Oy vey!”
54 Seal the deal 54 Seal the deal
55 Hungry request 55 Hungry request
57 Fire 57 Fire
58 Folding ladder 58 Folding ladder
feature feature
60 H, to Kronos 60 H, to Kronos
61 Word of 61 Word of
accusation accusation
63 Mil. rhyme for 63 Mil. rhyme for
“Yahtzee” “Yahtzee”
6464LoLsotststseteaamm 6565BBanaknikninggaat taa bebaecahchAATTMM?? 6969SShahpaep-ef-itftiitntingg
gagmamee 7272“T“Thehe___SShhooww” ” 7373FFeededbbaaggbbitsits 7474DDege.g.ofof
didsitsinticntciotionn 777JuJsutsat baboouut t 7878LeLtetettresrstotoaa
lelnednedrer 7979PParatrot fofCCPPAA: :
AAbbrb.r. 8181MModoedleinlinggsusuppplyly 8282SStrtaryay 8383AAtl.t-l.b-absaesedd
nentewtworokrk 8484SShuhtutouout t
8585EEmmbrbarcaece, ,aassaa cucsutsotmom
888AAncniceinent t AAssysryiarianncacappitaital l
9191GGrorwowininggbbuulblb?? 9393FFirsirtstBBlalackck
pepresrosnontotohhoostst aasuscucecessfsuful Tl TVV vavraieriteytyshshooww
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