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 The late Princess Ruth Keanolani Kanāho- ahoa Ke‘elikōlani played a major role in provid- ing access to education in Ha- wai‘i. A school in downtown Honolulu was built in 1926 on the site of Keōua Hale, Ke‘elikōlani’s royal palace, and was first known as Kula Ki‘eki‘e o Honolulu. It was later renamed Central Inter- mediate School. In 2019, the process to change the name was initiated and in September 2021, the state Board of Educa- tion approved the restoration of the former name to honor Prin- cess Ke‘elikōlani.
Going into our season of
gratitude and Thanksgiv- ing, I asked the students of Ke‘elikōlani Middle School, “What are you thankful for?” Their eighth-graders respond- ed with thoughtful letters re- flecting who they would like to recognize with a big “mahalo nui.”
grateful for is second chances because if I ever make a mis- take, I would need a second chance to do better and put in more focus.” — Soleil Tucker
signment, he gave us all cup- cakes. Then he gave me an ex- tra donut and I was grateful for that.” — Chris Lorence Ramiro
I am grateful for my teachers who help me to learn because learning and listening will help me succeed in life, make me money and not be broke.” — Kahiau Fujiyama
She has the toughest job be- cause she has to pay the rent all by herself. She also takes care of my older sister’s son and watches him.” — Sirami Papa
“I am thankful for my par- ents and family because they help me when I’m at my lowest and always try to put a smile on my face. They make me feel like I’m visible.” — Martina Richard
“I am thankful for my mom because she makes sure that we are safe in our home and she cooks for us. Even when she has a tough time, she is still there for us. I’m proud of my mom.” — Faith Pangelinan
“I am grateful for all my teachers because they make going to school bearable. I truly appreciate the teachers I have now and will continue to work hard to make them proud.” — Sherry McMurray
“I am thankful for my friends I met in summer school and sixth grade. The day I met them I felt so happy. Finally, I have friends that don’t make me feel trapped and mute.” — Arianna Deocampo
“I am grateful for my mom because she’s one of the most caring, loving and hardest working people I know. She makes me feel like I have to work hard so when I grow up I can put food on the table.” — Rich Enita
“I am grateful for my fam- ily because they support me through everything and al- ways encourage me to do what I love. Another thing I’m
“I am grateful for my home- room teacher because he is al- ways joyful and happy. Once, when I was working on my as-
“I am grateful for my mom, dad and grandma because they take care of me, feed me and provide me a roof to live under.
“I am grateful for my mom.
I am fortunate to work with a staff who has dedicated their careers to impacting students in a positive way. We are grateful
“I am thankful for my auntie because her way of living is to ‘have fun and live life.’ The best part is she never stops smiling. My auntie’s smile makes things 10 times better.” — Tristan Areola
“I am grateful for my fam- ily because they are nice and caring. They also help me with anything that I do, or when I get sick. It makes me feel good because they help me when I’ m not OK.” — Jeremiah Geronimo
“I am grateful for my teach- ers. They come to school and teach us every day during this pandemic. I feel loved by them even though they give us work to do. School is our home and our teachers are like our second parents and I am very grateful for them.” — Hannah Ibbay
“I am grateful to see that communities are still alive and active, and people are happy even with COVID-19 being around.” — Layth Edgreen
   Students Showcase Thanksgiving Spirit
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