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  SARA FREEMAN, co-owner of F45 Ala Moana
Team Training That’s Life Changing
The F45 Ala Moana team of trainers includes (front) Zack McBeth, R.J. Medina, (back) Alex Bradshaw, Kalyn Berg, Anthony Scaccia, Bree Mackenzie and Jenna Galbreath. Not pictured are Sonia Basma, Kimberlee Burton and Geri Cabrera. PHOTOS COURTESY F45 ALA MOANA
dio serve as your playbook for each daily workout. Our in-studio certified personal trainers are there to motivate and guide you. F45 Lion- Heart gives you the power to accurately track your work- outs, monitor your heart rate, the percentage of your maxi-
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  Have you ever worked out with a bunch of your friends while a live DJ spins music to amp up the energy? Sounds like fun, right? It is! This happens ev- ery Saturday at F45 Training Ala Moana. Welcome to F45.
new, locally owned studio in Ward Village — with parking — creates a pulsing, energized training atmosphere that pro- vides the motivation and ac- countability to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals. Our incredible team will wel- come you and guide you on your fitness journey toward life-changing results.
mum effort and the total calo- ries burned to help you reach your true potential.
body composition and fitness assessments to all our mem- bers to measure your baseline and help determine an indi- vidualized plan to help you reach your goals.
  The “F” stands for func- tional training, a mix of cir- cuit and high-intensity inter- val training (HIIT) workouts aimed at preparing the body for activities performed in everyday life, and 45 is the total number of minutes of each class.
The benefits of F45 work- outs include increased energy and metabolic function, im- proved sleep, and decreases in fat mass, stress, depression and risk of lifestyle diseases. The variation of workout pro- gramming keeps our members
challenged, eager to grow and ready to have fun. All of the movements can be modified to meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey.
Our members also have access to the F45 Challenge, a nutrition and training program to help members transform their lives through holistic well-being. The F45 Challenge app includes nutrition tips with recipes and meal plans, at-home workouts, goal tracking with progress charts, and a points system for motivation.
We are so happy to bring F45 Training to the heart of Honolulu. We are offering free one-week trials that we know you are going to love. Come sweat with us!
Our motto is “Team Train- ing, Life Changing,” and our
Our workouts are powered by industry-leading technolo- gy. A series of TVs mounted on the front wall of our stu-
We have invested in a professional top-of-the-line InBody Body Scanner and are offering complimentary
F45 Training Ala Moana is located at 956 Kawaiaha‘o St. near Ward Village. For more information or to get your one free week of life-changing classes, call 808-888-8845 or visit
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