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8   JUNE 7, 2023
Liljestrand House Open For Individual, Group Tours
  and lived there for nearly half a century, until Howard passed away in 2004. Their children inherited the prop- erty, which is listed on the National Register of Histor- ic Places and the state Reg- ister of Historic Places.
In 2007, the Liljestrand family created the nonprofit Liljestrand Foundation to preserve the property and “contribute to the conver- sation around design, the environment and sustain- ability through public pro- gramming,” says Cardoso.
The Liljestrand House (above and left) was built and designed to take advantage of the tradewinds and the mountain climate. PHOTOS COURTESY LILJESTRAND HOUSE FOUNDATION
In 2015, ownership of Liljestrand House was transferred entire- ly to the foundation. Bob Liljestrand, Howard and Betty’s eldest son, who has a master’s degree in archi- tecture, was president and
founding director until his death in 2021.
it,” Cardoso says. “There are so many lessons that can be learned from the house.
clients who created a build- ing that moves people.”
in advance online) and hosts community conversation se- ries featuring designers and critics from the architecture, design and art fields.
Sept. 21, New York- and San Francisco-based archi- tect John Ike will take part in the Design Conversation Series.
“Bob Liljestrand often said that architecture is the product of the time, the place and the people who made
“(It) tells a wonderful sto- ry of a life-long partnership between an architect and his
The Liljestrand Foun- dation offers group and private tours of the house (tickets must be purchased
On June 15, Hawai‘i ar- chitect Sid Char will be the guest speaker in the Lo- cal Legends Series, and on
To learn more about the Liljestrand Founda- tion or to book a tour, visit
       1460 S. Beretania St (previous Foodland location) Call us today at (808) 515-3454
Keiki admission starting at $22 ($5 per adult)
Party rooms available!
Call for either Ala Moana or Pearlridge office
(808) 487-WILL
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