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6 JUNE 7, 2023
 Growing Mililani Company Offers Employee Opportunity
equipment at our facility,” he describes. “By using our data center and having data reside locally, data is more protected and secure. In ad- dition, local customers do not experience any lag times while using the app because the data is not housed on the mainland.
temporary situation like a loss of power or water service or maybe a flood.”
Right now, Servpac is hiring network engineers, network technicians, facility engineers, project managers and customer success man- agers. They have entry-lev- el, mid-level and executive positions available and are also starting an internship program for recent high school graduates.
 largest locally owned cloud solution in the state. Zheng and all executive leadership live right on here O‘ahu.
“Our disaster-recovery services allow our clients 24/7 access, dependability and security, as well as in- ternet and phone capabili- ties, to immediate business continuity in an emergency or short-term situation until the regular headquarters can re-open,” adds Zheng, men- tioning the data center is best positioned against threats such as hurricanes, tsunamis and rising sea levels.
Winners Of North Shore’s Battle Of The Books Unveiled
Also, after nearly a year of rigorous testing and detailed design review, MTP Data Center became the first and only data center in Hawai‘i to achieve Uptime Institute’s Tier IV Certification — “essentially, the industry’s gold-standard certification of MTP Data Center’s de- sign and operations to sup- port mission-critical opera- tions,” Zheng explains.
“In another example, a number of local financial in- stitutions and real-estate com- panies are clients of our MTP Data Center, and they use our disaster-recovery services,” continues Zheng. “Those services allow these orga- nizations to instantaneously stand-up an operation that suddenly does not have ac- cess to a headquarters build- ing, for example, because of a
The center has plans to ex- pand on the property’s land, and the growing company is seeking to hire additional people to join its dynamic team.
“Because we are a grow- ing company in a growing industry, there is definite up- ward mobility for employ- ees, and we are very open to the right people joining us, no matter their background. There are always opportuni- ties here at Servpac!” con- cludes Zheng.
How do clients utilize Servpac’s data center? Zheng provides a few examples.
(From left) Servpac’s senior customer success manager Cathy Bengel, president and founder Richard Zheng and sales and marketing manager Christina Dimovska pose inside the Mililani Technology Park Data Center by Servpac. PHOTO COURTESY SERVPAC/MTP DATA CENTER.
“A mainland-based retail organization houses its IT
For more information, vis- it
 After a three-year hia- tus, the fifth Kahuku Public and School Library’s Bat- tle of the Books returned to Turtle Bay Resort in late April. Nearly a hundred Ko‘olauloa area elemen- tary school students from five schools competed in the quiz-show-like contest. Teams of readers, coached by parents and teachers, read and studied a selection of 38 books all year and trained to answer questions for the fi- nal competition.
Division I winners are Lā‘ie Elementary School’s team The Dumbos.
gether and highlighted the ed- ucational achievements of the North Shore area students,” states Tamara King, Kahuku Public and School Library branch manager and event organizer. “We are so grateful toourgeneroussponsors,and especially our tireless volun- teers, teachers and parents, who worked for months to support the students partici-
  Division I winners are Lā‘ie Elementary School’s team The Dumbos, coached by Melinda Hardman and Maria Draper. Team mem- bers are Noah Ingley, Eli- ana Draper, Fritz Little and MatthewHardman.Division II winners, meanwhile, are Hau‘ula Elementary School’s team The Destroyers coached by Melissa Faustino. The
pating in our event.”
This year’s event was spon-
Division III winners are Hau‘ula Elementary’s team Hau‘ula Keepers. PHOTOS COURTESY THE HAWAI‘I STATE PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM
sored by the Hawai‘i State Public Library System, Tur- tle Bay Resort, Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, National Endowment fortheArts,FriendsoftheLi- brary of Hawai‘i and Friends of the Library-Kahuku.
team members are Alma Tafiti,TeancumKeo,Brooke Thomas and Maverick Stiles. Finally, Division III win- ners are Hau‘ula Elementa- ry’s team Hau‘ula Keepers
coached by Hepua Spalding. Team members are Pearl Faustino, Joseph Ko‘omoa, Hudson Fenn and Mason Ishii.
ners each received a grand prizeofahelicoptertourride sponsored by Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.
Visit battle-of-the-books-2023/.
All those first place win-
“Battle of the Books brought our community to-

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