Paying It Forward

Dear Pamela,

The staff at Windward City Starbucks always have a smile and cheerful greeting for everyone. Recently an elderly lady in front of me had a hard time finding change at the bottom of her purse, so I paid for her coffee. The Starbucks staff then treated me to my iced coffee and gave me a certificate for a free one later. There are so many unsung angels out there who don’t realize that their smile, thoughtful gesture or kind word makes a difference in anyone’s life. I just want to thank them for lifting up my spirits and making my day!

Carol Sakai-Feiteira

Dear Carol,

Now that’s paying It forward! “We at Starbucks have a program called ‘Surprise and Delight,'” says Windward City Starbucks assistant store manager Angela Rabe. “When we see some-one’s cup empty, we can surprise them with a full cup. Sometimes we see our customers do wonderful things for other customers. That was such an admirable thing for Carol to do, so we wanted to ‘Surprise and Delight’ her to let her know that good gestures are contagious. Starbucks is, for many, a third home environment, and we want to take care of people who come here.”

Dear Pamela,

Our Waianae Senior Group of 23 people went to Denny’s in Kapolei for breakfast. We met my pastor, Jay Amina, and his wife, Pastor Geri. He went on to say a prayer for our breakfast and left. When we asked for the bill, we were told the Aminas paid for us. The next Sunday at church I presented a lei and a thank-you card in appreciation for what they did.

Aunty Ipo Mary Aweau

Dear Aunty,

“It was supposed to be a surprise!” says Pastor Amina’s daughter Jadeen Tuinei. “I don’t think he wanted them to know who paid for breakfast.

He has a really big heart, especially for the kupuna and youths of the Waianae community. He does these things all the time.”

Dear Pamela,

Our ohana would like to say mahalo to the neurology staff on the fifth floor and the surgery staff on the third floor at Queen’s hospital. And most of all, Drs. D. Donovan, Kluess and Valenta for helping our son through his surgery on a brain tumor. Thank God for the doctors and staff doing a wonderful, successful job. Every day he feels very lucky. Dr. Donovan has such skillful hands.

M. Spencer

Dear Spencer family,

Neurosurgeon Daniel J. Donovan at The Queen’s Medical Center appreciates your letter of APPLAUSE to the staff. “On behalf of the neurology and surgical teams at The Queen’s Medical Center, I would like to thank them for their kind words and recognition,” he says. “We consider it a great honor when families entrust their loved ones to us. We hope their son is recovering well and wish you all the best.”

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