Pauline Nyuha

Photo from Pauline Nyuha

Photo from Pauline Nyuha

Pauline Nyuha definitely loves animals, and that passion led her to begin volunteering at Mililani Mauka Veterinary Clinic.

She has been helping out at the veterinary clinic for more than two years, but her journey with the business started years before as a client.

“I came in one day just to say hello,” she explains. Nyuha had been going in quite often the year prior, but sadly her family pup passed away. “I hadn’t seen them (the staff) in a while.”

One of the vet techs told Nyuha she could volunteer at the clinic, and the original arrangement was just intended as a trial run. The game plan was perfect, as Nyuha could make it to the clinic in 2 minutes from her Mililani Mauka home each Wednesday and Friday.

Nyuha is again a client of the veterinary clinic, but she still spends her volunteer time helping with anything the staff needs. “When I first come in, I check to see what dropoffs are going to come in for the day, and then I set up their kennels,” she explains. “And when they do come in, I go in the front and bring them in the back.”

Her favorite part about volunteering (aside from spending time interacting with the animals and friendly staff) is seeing all the dogs admitted to the clinic’s rehabilitation center. According to the clinic, methods of rehabilitation include manual therapy, such as massage, range of motion and joint compressions; therapeutic exercises, LASER therapy therapeutic ultrasound and acupuncture.

“We have dogs come in that can’t walk very well, and with coming in for their rehab treatments, we can get them to walk again,” she says, recalling a specific memory of a dog named Bear. “To me, seeing how they (staff) can get them to walk again is just remarkable, and that has touched me.” When she isn’t volunteering at the clinic, Nyuha enjoys spending time with her family and Husky pups Bailee and Kodi (pictured).

For more information on Mililani Mauka Veterinary Clinic and its canine rehabilitation center and other services, visit or call 626-7600.