Earth To Mars: Need Pet Update!

Sometimes, amid all the hoopla and accolades of last week’s concerts here, one has to establish perspective about Bruno Mars.

Kaneohe handyman Paul Nixon shares his own simple connection to Mars, now 28, at a time when he was just a boy who wanted a pooch.


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Longtime Kaneohe resident Paul Nixon has a 'back story' to share with readers about his own personal Bruno Mars experience. Photo by Nathalie Walker,

It could have been 1987, Nixon recalled, that he was called to do repair work at the Fernandez family home in Hawaii Kai. “While I was there, they talked about wanting a dog,” he said. At the time he had a pet dachshund who was getting a bit hard to handle with the grandkids, so Nixon offered to give his pet to them.

“They all came to my house to pick up Mulligan – I’m sure they’d remember that,” he said. “And Bruno gave me a copy of his Little Elvis photo, signed by him.” (It read: Thank you, Mr. Nixon. We will love your dog forever. God bless you, Bruno.)

Nixon, whose home is near Pohai Nani, above Castle High School, couldn’t be more pleased with that young fellow’s success.

Even the state Legislature showered Mars with praise for a career that’s soared from child prodigy to Super Bowl star and Grammy award-winner with multi-million sales of albums and singles across the globe.

Still, Nixon mused, “I wonder what happened to Mulligan?”